Friday, 30 May 2014

Camera unboxing and first pictures

So today my new camera finally arrived!
I am so excited and so happy that I bought it because I think that it was worth it. Of course we will see once I try it out outdoors and so on, but by now I have a good feeling about it.
What I really wanted was a camera that would focus on its own. The Nikon D5100 doesn't have this option, which means that filming and walking could be sometimes tricky. But the Canon Powershot S110 is focussing all the time and that's cool. Also, I zhink that it somehow looks so elegant but on the other hand also very simple. It has a touch screen that you can also use if you want to, the camera turns on and off very quickly and you just need to press one button for a second and you can start filming.
The only bad thing I have heard about it is that the batteries tend to run out of power quite quickly so I decided to buy an extra one just to have one in case soemthing goes wrong. I also bought a cute felt case because the one I bought on the internet didn't arrive yet and I just think that it would be good to keep the camera safe, you know. What I need to buy as soon as possible is a memory card with more memory because I just took one out of my old camera and it has only 1 GB of space. Also, my dearest boyfriend told me to buy some screen protection and I definetely need to because as it is a touch screen and you will use it often, I don't really want it to get damaged.

 (Sorry for that, I don't know why it tilts on its own when I upload it)
These are all the things I have now.

And here is a picture I took with the camera.

Does someone have this camera as well? I would be happy if you told me something about it! :)



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