Monday, 19 May 2014

Empty products!


Since the sun is up for a much longer time now, and this is good so, I am quite confused. I have no idea what time it is because it is not getting dark until probably 9pm. I love summer but this is confusin my brain during the first longer days. So now it is nearly 8 am and I just found some time to do this entry. It will be about the used products again and I didn't have many of them, only six this time!

Quite strange that 5 out of 6 products are blue!

I found this baby oil in a drawer in the bathroom and have been using it on my skin right after taking a shower. I have been doing this every evening and I just love how it helped my skin getting softer and finally more hydrated. After I finished this bottle I bought another one (about 4,50 Euros) Two days ago I found another bottle at home that I could have used before buying another 500ml. But I will use it anyways so no worries!

The head&shoulders shampoos are really in all of my empties posts because I always use them. This time I found this bottle with the green front and it is sait to be kind to your skin and it smells quite nice. I will still be using these shampoos until moving to Scotland so:

I also showed this product once already and at first I was really pleased that it was working so well but after a week or so it doesn't do anything to my skin anymore really and it disappointed me quite a lot. This is the second bottle and it somehow was so watery that it had no function at all! I think that it is not worth the price, in my case at least.

I actually wrote a blog post about this product here if you want to see it. I was curious and got them, tried them out and was disappointed. there are 3 strips inside and they just don't work for me at all. I couldn't find positive things for this actually- read more in the blog post about this!

Also this product is one that I show you every time I do the empties entry! I just love these wipes, they are the best I have ever tried and I hope that I will find good ones in Scotland as I don't like using liquid make up removers every evening.

And the last product for today is this little eye kajal pencil that I have been using for a looooooooooong time. However lately I wanted to sharpen it and it just broke every single time I tried and then I just gave up. This pencil has nice pigmentation so it is really black and not grey on your eyelids and it is also soft and doesn't hurt when you apply it. Now I got a new one and maybe you have seen it in one of the latest post.

That was everything for today! I am not sure when I will upload a next empties post but we'll see :)



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