Thursday, 8 May 2014

Maths, please be good to me!

Hello again!
I started studying at 11 am and now it is 5 pm and I really don't know what to think about the ssituation. Somehow I forget most of the things again and this really shouldn't happen until tomorrow!
Tomorrow is my last maths exam and I just hope that I'll pass it. I am not asking for a good grade, everything I want is to pass!

Tomorrow I actually want to go to a shop to see a thing I want to buy really badly,  but we'll see if I'll be in the mood to go tomorrow after the exam. If not, then I'll just go on Saturday for a small shopping trip in town.

If I'll write some intelligent things on my exam, I will be really relived and happy :D

Today I actually had porridge for my first breakfast and after some time I just made myself some more snacks as you can see :D

Situation is not good looking!

And I found a necklace for the heart I got for my birthday! Yay! :)



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