Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Travel planning again!

It got really late again and I am sorry, but I've been busy all day long.
Now I was finally planning our whole journey for summer 2014.
Eryk will be able to leave Edinburgh on 20.6. and I can leave Vienna on 23.6. at night, which means that I would be in Poland the 24th. Eryk will be waiting for me already and then we will spend our short holidays in Poland. I don't think that we will be able to go somewhere for a 2days trip, I wanted to go to Cracow for the last two summer holidays but we never managed to go on the trip actually.
Maybe there will be a chance for us this year,as we will have 17 days that we will spend in Poland and if Eryk would like to, we could go to Cracow this year, maybe.
However, we would have to leave Poland the 11th of July and head to Vienna, pack all my things there and on th 12th in the morning we would start our Eurotrip and arrive the next day in the evening in London and the morning after that day we would be in Edinburgh already.

This is how the plan looks like now and we really need to book the tickets this week because they will get more and more expensive, which we definitely don't need in this situation right now.

Some of you may be asking yourselves why we don't want to go to Scotland by plane, but the reason is a very simple one- I want to take as many things as possible with me and on the plane I won't be allowed to take more than 20kg with me. Going by bus however, we don't really need to keep in mind how much we are allowed to take with us because it doesn't really matter.

I love travelling around and I can't wait to meet my darling in Poland so that we can travel together again- across Europe.



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