Thursday, 29 May 2014

Friends meet up


In two hours I will go to my friend Nina's house because some of our class mates (which eans also my most beautiful girls <3 ) are going to be there and I just thought it would be nice to go and see them as we don't really have the opportunity anymore to see each other very often at this moment. Also, once school is finished I will be off to Poland and then straight afterwards I will be heading to Scotland, which means that we won't see each other for a longer time.

The weather is horrible, it is just grey and totally raining and I am not too sure about what the next month will look like. I mean it is summer nearly and the weather is still not really summery.

Also, if you're wondering, I had no lessons today and also I won't have any tomorrow because we have some celebration day and my school is always closed on these days. This means that I'm having a 4-day-weekend and I hope that I will learn a lot.

PS: I am wondering why my nose got so ugly over the last few years.



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