Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sunshine makes life better


Today I had only one hour of school, which was great, especially because the weather is amazing today! It is about 25 degrees outside, but the sun is so hot that you could get a nice tan probably.
I decided to lay down a bit on the balcony to enjoy the sun and fell asleep for about 40 minutes. It was so warm and relaxing! I can't wait to go to Poland because I thought that it would be maybe a good idea to wake up earlier and have a nice sunbathe for an hour a day or so. If we won't be completely running out of time I will surely do this!
Another great thing is that I got into College! I am so relieved and so happy, but still can't really realise! I just hope that they won't tell me suddenly that they don't want me anymore. :D

Got some dresses prepared. Wore th purple one today <3

Smiley smiley :D

My slippers are everywhere I go!

Finally our flowers started growing :D

And they look so pretty!

Enjoy your day people! :*



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