Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beauty products storage


Today I decided to show you how I store all my beauty things, or at least most of them.
I don't have all of my thing in one place and I won't be trying to do this anymore as soon i will be packing for summer and packing for moving out, so there is no point in organising everything again. I already have a plan how I will store all these things when I move to Scotland, and of course, there will be an update of this entry! :)

Alright, let's start with the bathroom, as here I store most of my things. These things are the ones I use on an everyday-basis.

In these metal pots I have my lipsticks, lipglosses and also my mascaras, brushes, concealers and all the other things you can see. There is also my bronzer laying around loosely as I have no idea where to put it instead.

In the other corner we have the liquids as you can see. My soap that I like to use, my peeling, perfume, hair conditioner, my Bioderma and my actual body lotion.
In the first picture you can also see that above I keep my face cream, my hair oil and also my deodorant, mattifying sheets and some other smaller things.

Over in my room I have a metal storage thing where I keep the rest. Here you can see two pretty boxes (and yes, I store everything in pretty boxes and tins!) and two creams and two little cork plates I got from Edinburgh.

In this pink box there was a beautiful candle once and now you can find all my lip care products inside.

In this tin someone from my family got a watch once and now I store my nail polishes inside. These are not all of the ones I have, but the ones I use most.

On the other side I have again bigger things, which are the liquids. In the back I have two hair conditioners that I don't use currently because I am using the one from Nashi Argan which you can find in the bathroom picture. I also have my hair accesories I had on my prom, a comb that I never use, a new hair conditioner that I want to try out once my current móne is empty. Also you can see a new baby oil (and I just found another bottle at home!) , a volumising spray for your hair that I also used for my prom hair and sometimes afterwards, a dry shampoo from Batiste that I use sometimes, a small perfume, my box that I carry around in my bag and a cute pocket mirror.

These are all the things I wanted to show you, if you have any ideas how I can store some things in my new house ( I will have a make up table there) then let me know! :)

Have a good start into another week! :)



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