Tuesday, 6 May 2014

English final exam done!

Again, today I had an exam and I had to get up at 6 and after I finished the exam, which was at about 1 p. Right afterwards me and my girls had some quick lunch and headed off to the additional maths lessons to make sure we have no further problems  and that we can revise at home until the exam on Friday takes place.
Now, I'll have two days break, which I still need to use for revision, but at least I don't have any exams and I can relax a bit before the last written exam.

When I came home from maths I was really hungry and my dad thought that he would heat up some vegetables because we do this quite often, so we did, I ate a bit and now I am so exhausted that I really need a nap.

So comfy!

Looking bit exhausted :(

Tasty tasty <3 <3

Have a nice afternoon! :)
PS: And the weather starts getting better again!



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