Sunday, 11 May 2014

What makes rainy days better?

Today is Sunday and it is raining all day long. Yesterday it was warm and sunny and today I woke up to a cloudy sky with rraindrops falling from time to time.
I really don't like it when wheather changes from day to day as it makes my joints and bones feel very sore. Also, I had quite bad headache last evening. So today I am spending my day in my PJ's without make up and so on. I was finishing off my music work that I have to hand in tomorrow and now I thought that something needs to be done to make this day a better one.

Yes, I just spontaneously took all the things out and made some banana and Nutella muffins. They are ready now, but I haven't tried them yet. But I will in about 20 minutes when I won't burn my whole mouth eating them.
They smell nice, so I hope that they will also taste nice!

Now I have to write summaries about some themes for Religion as tomorrow I'm having my first preparation lessons for my oral exams in June.

Not looking too good!



 Can't wait to eat all of them!



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