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Hi everyone!

Today we are back with the empties!
The last ones I showed you can find here. This was back in March. Now I collected a few things again and I'll show them to you :)

Here we go! These are the things you'll see below...

Good, so this product was already in my first empties entry and also in the second one. I know that my mum has been buying these face wipes for years now! Even when I wasn't even a teenager we had them already!
They are the best face wipes I've ever tried and I am happy that we always have them!

I bought this conditioner from Garnier Fructis once because I thought that it should be ok but honestly it doesn't do ANYTHING to my hair and it just felt worse after I've used it. However, I read once that conditioner is a good thing if you're shaving your legs and you get red dots all over. So before you shave your legs you just apply the conditioner on your skin and then shave as you usually do. And I really have to say that it works for me, so this is how I used this conditioner until it got empty.

Now we have this body lotion that is said to be good for you when you have stretch marks. And sadly I really do have stretchmarks and I started getting them when I was 10. I've tried so many oils and lotions and nothing helped. Before summer came last year, my mum found this in a small practice of her friend. Now I always hated applying body lotion and used it once in a while. However, from about February, I've been using it every evening after getting out of the shower. I am not really sure if it did something to the marks because they are white already, but it definitely made my skin softer and it hydrated it so it's ok. The really bad thing about this product is that I would really buy it again to see if it works after a longer time, but the price is really bad. 60 euros for a body lotion is really a lot to be honest.

Here you can see the shampoo I'm always using. It was shown in the earlier entries already. I always use them because we always have them at home but they are not my favourite shampoos. Everytime I am in Scotland, I use the Tresemmé shampoos and conditioners and I think that they are really good for my hair. Of course, we don't had Tresemmé in Austria so this is the best thing that works for my hair here.

This shower gel was part of this entry and I think that it is so nice! The smell is killing me! I feel like I need to eat it or something. I don't really think it moisturises your skin or something, but the smell is really really amazing! Also, I believe that this product costs no more than 1 euro so yeah...

Ok, so this is really a girly thing. But trust me, it is amazing! Now some of you may know that I travel quite a lot. If I'm not going to Poland 4 or 5 times a year, then I go to Scotland or somewhere else. I bought this product back in December when Eryk and I were about to go to Poland by bus. We spotted this in Bipa and I just thought that I could try the wipes out. And I really have to say that it is such a good product! As a girl you sometimes want to feel fresh and this is a perfect thing! You can put it in your bag and carry it with you or just use it on long journeys or whenever you feel like using them. I really loved using them and I am so sad that they are gone now. The wipes are super super soft and gentle to your skin and also the smell is amazing. I think that girls should have such products because it's really worth it.

I got this lipgloss from Miss Sporty three years ago in summer in Poland when Eryk's sister, Karina bought it for herself. I just thought that the smell was so good and the colour of this gloss as well so I also got it some days later. Now I can't really apply it anymore and I thought that it's time to put it into the empties bag. I really liked this product but after a year or two it gets too liquidy somehow and the glitter particles started annoying me so I won't get it again any time soon. But the price for it is quite good if I remember it well!

I got this mascara in August when I was in Scotland and it was by far the best mascara I've ever had. Even better than Chanel I would say. (And yes I had 3 or even 4 Chanel mascaras already so I know how they work) This mascara was awesome for my lashes because they are heavy and won't stay curled up even if I use lash curlers and so on. This mascara made them finally stay in place and I was really really happy about it. I used it until April all the time and now the rest of it dried out and just won't cover my lashes anymore. But don't worry, I got the same one for Christmas again and I just started using it yesterday! Last month I discovered the Estée Lauder mascara that I showed you here, but it got nearly empty already and it made me sad because I've used it for no longer than a month and it was also really good! But now I will come back to the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra flex mascara and if I run out of it in some months, I will probably get the same one again!

Now this product was also part of this entry. It is a simple Nivea cream that can be used in many situations. I told you already that my lips get chapped very quickly, especially when I go to a different country (even if the weather is just a tiny bit different). I got this cream a long time ago already and it is only a 10ml container and was a sample that I've never used. When I was in Scotland in August, Eryk's mum told me to use the Bambino cream for my lips because it would surely help me. And I wasn't too sure in the beginning, but it really did. So when I found this cream somewhere in my room in February I just started using it on my lips straight away. I applied it many times during the day and it really helped my lips stay soft and look nice. After a month I think this product got empty and I told myself to get a new one as soon as possible. So this is going to be on my to buy list very soon!

These were all the empty products I collected over the last couple of weeks, I hope you got some useful information about them and that I maybe helped you with decisions. :)
Have a nice weekend! I have to study as my finals start on Monday already! :O



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