Friday, 31 January 2014

♥ Puppy Love ♥

Tomorrow I will be sleeping already with my puppy <3 Actually he is already one year old, so he's not a real puppy anymore, but he is still the cutest dog <3 My little Orion, soon we will be cuddling again <3

But my cutest baby, my most important one, my dearest, is at home, working and going to school, so sadly we still have to wait to see each other :'( So sad :(
But we'll see each other for ten days and later on there are just two months left and we'll be together forever. ♥ B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ♥



Packing for Poland

I am already packing my things for Poland and I really don't know what I am going to need there. So I take many sweaters and jumpers with me, thights, gloves, my panda winter hat, and so on. I really hope that it is not going to be too cold over there because i would like to enjoy my time and not freeze to death. I have already all the clothes and beauty products on the floor that I need to pack, but I am still watching out for all the other important stuff. Hopefully I won't forget anything as it wouldn't be too good.
Also, I have to think about all the school things I have to learn for February and take them with me.

I'll stay two days with my cousin and it is going to be fun! We are also going to go to the hairdresser if we're going to get an appointment, and this would be really great!

Yesterday in the late evening I finished reading the diary of Anne Frank and I basically could, or even should finish my English work today, because I have to start writing my Psychology work in Poland.

When I'll be back from my cousin's place, I will stay at my aunt's and I really will miss Eryk as normally he is always there with me and I'll be waiting for him watching TV, and he won't come over because he is at home. :( Makes me so sad actually... But that's also a good thing because I'll have a lot of work to do and days will go by faster, so we will see each other also sooner.

Now I need to return to my packing action and maybe I'll update this post later on :)

PS: It is 21:26 and I just finished writing my English work! WOOHOO!!!! :) I am so happy!

Byeeee :*



Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Collective Haul!

As I promised, I am going to upload the January Collective Haul today, because tomorrow I'll have to pack and will be under pressure and on Saturday I am off to Poland, so there won't be any time left to do this.
Also I have to say that this is not going to be just about beauty products or just about clothes. It is everything that I have bought this month, except of food of course. So I hope you're going to enjoy it and here we go!

Ok, so here you can see nearly everything I bought this month. A jacket, two sweaters and a cup are missing in this picture, but you'll see them soon!

I bought two "very berry" candles that smell amazing, and they were the last ones I could manage to find, so I took both of them. They are in a metal tin and look so cute and girly. Also there is a tissue box in the back, because I always have random tissue boxes in my room which don't necessary fit my room design, and this metal box is quite nice, so mum and me grabbed it ;)

The next category is clothes. I bought two pairs of black thights that are made from recycled fabric and two pairs of some clima-thights that are supposed to keep your legs warm. All four pairs are black and without any patterns. Also I got two sweaters, which I already showed in two OOTD's to you. The left one is from H&M and the right one was a gift.

Also my box for my glasses broke ( I think it was my brother who broke it) and I had to buy a new one, so I just took a plain red one, the part which you can open is glittery and the rest of the box has just some kind of square pattern. Then I bought a necklace from I am which is a long one with a stone, a cross( even though I don't like crosses, but this actually doesn't annoy me), a feather and some metal stick thing. Then some time ago I also bought these gorgous hair bows from Claire's and you have to know that I have a bow collection already :3 .

Here is also the cup I bought with the tissue box and it is also so cute that I just had to buy it.

And now we have some beauty products. The Dove deodorant is the same as I already have, but soon it is going to be empty so I had to buy a new one. The Essie nail polish was also shown in my nail polish collection and it is the "Play Date" colour. I've also seen the Blistex-Happy Lips chapstick in an advertisment and it looks so cute that I had to buy it without thinking about it. But sadly I have to say that this is more of a gadget than lip care product, as it makes your lips feel like they would dry out or something. But it smells nice and looks awesome. I also grabbed some blush stick, that I don't really know how to use right now, but in the summer holidays I wanted to buy one from Rimmel, but wasn't sure about it, so I decided to wait. Now I've found this cheaper alternative and thought I'll give it a try, but I'll have to learn how to apply it so it will actually look good. You can also see a concealer from Essence which is the "Stay natural" one, you have to turn the end of it some times so the creamy concealer will come out of the brush and then you can apply it onto your skin. I think this product is very cool and practical but I think it would be better if it was more liquid than creamy. And last, the Metal Glam nail stickers. I've done a review on this product already, so I'll just repeat that I don't recommend it and I personally don't like it.

Once I watched things on h& and found this little bag there. I decided that I'd need to buy it but couldn't find it anywhere for such a long time! And finally this week I went to H&M and grabbed the last one! I am so happy because I really really love it, and I think it is a perfect small bag you can take to town or a party or elsewhere.

You can see that it has a colour that I can't really describe. It is like golden, grey, black or something and it has a thin strap and there are small parts of it made of a metal chain. So I really like the look of this bag and also the design as it has a boxy shape inside and you can organise it well. (which is good!)

Also my mum and me saw this jacket and thought it would be good to have also a jacket besides the fake fur. So we bought it and I really like it, it is warm and has some pockets, and it is not really black, it is more of a graphite colour I would say. Also on the inside there is like wool or something that keeps you warm. And it is from H&M.

And I think this was it! :)
Hopefully I didn't forget anything, but this should be everything as I've written down all the things I bought, so I wouldn't forget to mention anything.

If you liked this entry, I will upload monthly collective hauls and of course there will sometimes be more or less things, so I can't guarantee you that the hauls always will be exciting.

It got really late and I still have to do some homework and pack my bag for tomorrow. Also I am not sure what lessons I'll have tomorrow as we're going to the French theatre and don't know when we're coming back.



Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My OOTD 6 + Nails and hair of the day!

Hello beauty queens!
I just came home from school, ate my lunch ( which was my favourite dish ever) and now I am uploading my outfit from today.
I have to study quite a lot later on, even though holidays start on Saturday, but fine.

Here you can see what I just ate. Rice( I love rice!) with some meat bits and curry sauce!

Sweater from Clockhouse (I actually got it from Dani as she is too tall for it), leggings from Reserved

Hairbow from Claire's, for the first time ever my messy bun looked quite good!

School make up is as always the same

I also had this bag at school today, because I had more things to take home.

And I've done my nails yesterday, using the Astor Mikado 08 polish. Obviously one of my nails broke again.

So this is everything I wanted to show you today, if there should be some more exciting news, I will upload them, but now my school books are calling me and I want to cry.



Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What the hell happened?

Well, so we went to my cousin's house to celebrate her birthday a bit. Now I am home again and I entered my room and saw the mirror laying on the carpet, broken into three parts. What the hell is going on? How did this happen? This really scared me because before I left my room, it was still on its place.
Strange things happening here. o.O
But well, anyways, we had some nice cake and we spent some nice time together telling each other funny stories :D
And now I have to continue reading the diary of Anne Frank, as I want to finish it by the end of the week.
Also I went to town before we drove to my cousin, and I bought some small things, that I am going to add to my January Collective Haul, so I hope that you'll read this post, which is going to be uploaded soon! :)
And by the way it isn't that cold anymore, just 0 degrees, which is just acceptable.

Have a nice evening, enjoy your free time( if you have some) and relax like I do! :)



My OOTD 5 and bag organisation!

Hello beauty queens!

I just came home from school, and I am relieved that I don't need to write the biology test anymore. At least for some weeks. I decided to upload my OOTD and to show you what I grabbed from the fridge, also how I manage to organise my bags. ;)

Sweater from H&M, loop scarf from Clockhouse, leggings from Reserved

PS: I love sugar skulls!

My boots from Clarks that are quite worn out because of the snow last Easter. :(

Need to get my hair cut again!

School make up is as always the same :)

Bag of the day and here you can see how I manage to have everything with me that I need for school.

So, in the big pocket there are my sheets that I need, my headphones and my iPod, my pens, my glasses, my beauty bag and my physics book. In the two smaller pockets behind there is my Edinburgh notebook and my Soap&Glory HandFood hand cream. In the front pocket there is my school planner, my Vaseline and my Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumper.
And yes, I managed to close the bag :D

And here is some delicious Austrian Apfelmus that I totally love and I am actually eating it with a big spoon! YUM YUM <3

I am not quite sure what I am going to do today, but I know that I need to go to H&M and give a piece back, as it doesn't fit and go to the pharmacy, come home and write my English work. Oh yes, and write my homeworks. Awesome, everyday the same!

Hope you have a nice day! :*



Monday, 27 January 2014

What do you eat?

Hello back!
I decided to write this post, but you have to know that I am not eating like most of the bloggers that show their healthy food. So be prepared! :D
So first of all, when I go to school, my mum always makes us some sandwiches in the morning, so I won't go to school if I didn't eat anything, because my mum insists on me getting enough food. (I already do, but fine)
So I always want one slice of bread with classical Philadelphia, as it is the best thing for me to eat at 7 in the morning. Also, I always have a cup of tea in the morning. I can't eat fruits or other nice looking things as I would get sick. (Sadly.) I also have to say that I am not hungry so early, I get hungry at about 9 or 10 in the morning, so this is the time where I mostly eat my second breakfast at school. Today I had two croissants without any fillings, because I don't eat ham or stuff like that. Then I came home before 2 and had some delicious soup that my mum made for me. It is my favourite one with pickled cucumbers and carrots. So I ate a small bowl of it. Here is the picture:

Maybe it doesn't look amazing, BUT it is delicious!

The next thing I ate was some LU Milka chocolate. To be honest with you, it was half the chocolate bar.

Well,.. and then I grabbed the second chocolate bar. This time it was the ZOTTER-French Nougat one. 
And I also ate half of this one. You can see it here:

Then again I decided to eat something more healthy and went to the fridge, took out some Polish salad that I made two days ago. What you need for this salad kind of thing is :
-sweet corn
-natural yoghurt

I really like this one and we always make it for Easter, but I just felt like I need to eat it a bit earlier :P

And about half an hour ago I decided I need more. So I cooked myself some sweetcorn and ate it with salt and I really liked it! 

Boiling sweetcorn. Poor sweetcorn.

And now I am having some nice Strawberry tea without sugar.
And I would probably eat some more sweets, but it is already past 10, I need to take a shower, take care of my two toes that are a bit ill, and revise for biology and Latin once more, go to bed, wait for my best boyfriend to call me and say "Goodnight my Princess, I love you!" and then I'll go to sleep.

I hope that this post showed you a bit of what I eat during the whole day and I'll also try to write more of these posts for you, because today was quite a healthy day, but sometimes it is really bad! ;)

Have a lovely night guys, see you tomorrow! :*
PS: We still didn't hit 1000 views and I think we won't anymore, but that's alright!



Snow attacks the city!

Good afternoon dear readers!
It's Monday again, and I am already so tired that I don't want to go to school anymore. As I am revising all the time for my biology test tomorrow, it makes me even more sleepy and I fell asleep already twice. ( But only for some minutes, which was good, because I had more energy later on! SUCCESS!)
School ended at 12 today and I went to H&M, and bought something that I am also going to show you soon (hopefully Friday afternoon!) in my January Collective Haul. I hope that you are looking forward to it. :)
Also some news are that yesterday it started snowing in Vienna and today it was snowing until some time ago, and there is actually -4 degrees outside! It is horrible, especially to me, as a person that hates the cold and snow even more! I am sitting in my warm cosy bed, with my back touching the radiator, with a cup of some nice hot tea and... biology, lots of biology!
I don't think I am going to upload any other post later on, because I don't have enough time to write something about a particular topic and add photos. But maybe I am going to show you what I ate today, if this interests you. But as I've said, before going to Poland on Saturday, I will do the January Collective Haul and I hope you'll like it! :)

Now I am going back to my lovely written sheets of biology and latin ( as I also have a Latin check up tomorrow!) and hope that I'm going to remember everything for tomorrow.

Special thanks to my dearest Steffi, who is reading my blog! :*

PS: Only 4 days to hit 1000 views, but sadly I think that we are not going to break 1000 by the end of the month. We still need 200 clicks. Today I nad only 12 views until now! You can help by spreading the word, or coming back every day to support me! :*



Sunday, 26 January 2014

Essence Nail sticker Test and Review!

Hello dear readers :)

Today is a lazy day again and I am trying my best to study biology as much as possible.
But I also wanted to do my nails, and I decided to try out some nail stickers that I bought last time. I've never used nail stickers before and I just wanted to see if they really work and I grabbed some cheap ones, for 3 Euro, to see if it is worth to pay more money for them. So I picked the Essence Metal Glam ones up and now I sticked them onto my left hand and I really have to say that they are not worth the money.
There are 14 stickers, which is good because you can pick the ones that suit your nail size most. Unfortunately, they are not smooth on the nail surface, they are wavey and they really don't look good on my nails. Maybe it is also not so easy to do them yourself and maybe a person that knows how to use nail stickers can apply them so good that they are going to look fine. But in my case I wouldn't buy them again, because I am really not happy with the result and I also will take them off after I finished this post and apply some normal nail polish.

As you can see it says easy on-easy off. Yes, easy-off is definitely true, but easy-on not. The stickers are not hard so they fall onto your nail before you find the place where you want to stick them on, and every time you have to rip them off again.

And this is the result. As you can see, the sickers don't fit the surface of my nails and they just don't stick perfectly to them. Also on the packaging it says to apply some top coat in order to have a better hold. But what should make it better? Applying top coat onto the sticker and not even to the nail? I don't understand why this should be done, though I tried it, and you can easily take the stickers off. 

So, sadly I have to say that I won't buy them again.

Hope this review helps you if you want to buy these stickers and are not sure about them, if it is worth trying them out and so on.

PS: 5 days to hit 1000 views this month! :)



Saturday, 25 January 2014

♥ My small bag collection ♥

Good afternoon people! :)
I hope you have a sunny Saturday and that you enjoy the weekend!
I am sitting in my bed and studying for my biology test and now I am taking a small break and thought that I could show you my bag collection! It is maybe wrong to call it a collection, but that's why I called it a small one. I have just a couple of bags that I use the most, and all the other ones (which were amazing and also very beautiful!!) I decided to give to someone or just sell them, as I never really knew how to wear them and I was sad to give them away because they were so cute, but I also didn't want to keep them hidden somewhere. So I will show you the bags that I currently have and I hope that you'll like them! :)
And also, please keep in mind that they are not in the order of how much I like them, because I really can't say which one is my favourite!

First of all we have my GABS bag that was also part of one of my OOTD's, I told you already that you can clip them together into 3 differents shapes. And here you can see, how it looks like when I clip the bottom clips together. It has like a shopper bag shape and is comfortable for school.

 Here you can see some details of the bag, also how the clip looks from the outside.
 Here you can see how it looks like when I clip everything together. The bag has a boxy shape and it gets really small and cute, and it is perfect for shopping days or days where you need to go out but don't want to carry a big bag around.
And the third way is just when you leave all the clips open and it is just a straight bag, and I also didn't photograph it because it looks similar to the first picture, and it is only a bit wider at the bottom.

The next bag is my Superdry one that I bought this summer in Edinburgh. I really, really like this bag, even though it is quite a small one. But trust me, I am a bag genius and I can put everything into a bag, no matter how big it is :)
It has a handle, a large strap, you can also transform the bag into a backpack if you want, and it has a cardholder in the front. Also the 2 straps in front are just closing because of two magnets.

This bag has a big inner section with two smaller ones in it and also the front section is seperate. You can really organise this bag very well, so that you really see everything you put inside and you can easily find what you need.

You can see it here:

My next bag is a bag that I bought in London at the Camden Market with my friend Nina, omg, we had so much fun that day! It was really an adventure and this bag always reminds me of this day! :)

It looks similar to the Cath Kidston bags and the outer material is just the same, it has a big strap and again just like the Superdry bag, two little straps in the front with magnets, that keep the bag closed.

You can see that it has two pockets in the front and a polkadot pattern on the inside. There is also a zip, as you can see.

Here you can see the inner life of the bag from above.

The next bag, me and my cousin Dani bought together in Poland in summer 2011. We were somewhere in a big city in Poland in the polish shop House, when we saw it. She took the same bag in a light pink colour and I decided to get this brown one. We really love these bags because they are HUGE! Trust me! We went to my aunt's place for 3 days and we could pack all our things that we needed for this time into these bags! So I can really tell that it is huge! Unfortunately our straps had been renewed by my dad, as the were broken already because we used the bags for schools and had to carry heavy things. 

You can see that it has two pockets on both sides and two pockets in the front, which makes it even spacier!

And here you can see the inner life of it, with a basic pattern. Also there are two pockets for your phone and stuff in the front and in the back there is a small pocket with a zip too.

I really think this bag is amazing but due to the material, which is just some fake leather, I can't take it for travelling anymore, even though I really would like to! I am just scared that the straps are going to rip off and well. What am I going to do then? Also this is just a shoulder bag, without any crossbody strap!

The next bag is also quite a big one, I can say. I bought it myself for Christmas in 2012 at Springfield and I am really happy to have it. In fact it is also made of fake leather and back then my dog was a puppy and liked to chew on everything and he just chewed a bit of the large strap away. Keep in mind that this bag was brand new! It has a covered zip and two front pockets with straps with magnets again. The pockets have zips as well. 

You can also see that there is a handle as well, which is very nice when you just want to hold it for a second and not really want to put it on your shoulder and so on.

Like the most bags, this one also has two little pockets for your phone or whatever and a pocket with a zip too. I use this bag either for school, or in Poland when I have my things at my aunt's house and at my boyfriend's granny's house and when I am going to one of the places, to take all the things along that I will need for the whole day in order not to walk from  house to house every few hours.

The next bag is a red tote which says "Eat haggis and ceilidh on" that my boyfriend bought for me, I think for Easter 2013 if I am right, because I really can't remember anymore. He bought it in Edinburgh on Leith Walk in the shop Cats Miaou ( just in case you are from Edinburgh and are interested into buying such bags!).
I really love this bag, even though it is really simple, but also I can carry a lot of things with me in this bag and I also like to wear it to school.

The next bag is a smaller one which I already showed in my "What's in my bag?" post and it is from Primark, you can carry it either with the strap or you can clip it off and have a simple clutch. I think this is a nice bag to go shopping and when I go shopping it is most likely this bag that I have with me.

The next bag is a tiny one, which also took part in one of my "What's in my bag?" posts and I just like it because it is small and black and I can wear it with everything, and I can also take the most important things with me, which is great! As I said in the bag post already, I bought it again with my cousin Dani at H&M. (Just to make it clear, when we go shopping, we most likely buy the same things and wear them together! ;) )

The next small bag is this caramel studded one with a strap which has a bit of a metal chain on both sides. The bag has a metal clip and a zip, also on the next picture you can see it from inside. The problem with this bag is that I really, really don't know where I bought it! But I think I got it from I am in Poland once.

And the last bag is my prom clutch, which is golden and glittery and so princessy! I bought it at Accessorize.

 As you can see there is really not much space, but it was perfect for the prom :)

And this was it! These were all my bags that I have at the moment and I hope you were not bored because of such a loooong post, and that maybe you'll like some of the bags :)

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