Sunday, 19 January 2014

What about your hair?

Hello my dear readers!
As I didn't post anything exciting yesterday, I saw that I barely had any clicks! :(
So today, I am still laying in bed all the time, I decided to show you all my hair products that I have. In previous pictures you can't really see how my hair looks like, but I can tell you that it is quite long and thick. But I also have to admit that compared to my hair two years ago, I have now very thin hair. Which nobody believes me, because in fact I have thick hair, but as I know how thick they were once, I can say that if you want to compare them, my hair now is thinner.
I will add one picture from September, one from November and one from November as well, but when my hair was done for prom, just to let you see how my hair looked like.

So this was in September when I came back from Scotland. In August my boyfriend's sister cut my hair a bit, so it was basically freshly cut in this picture.

Here we are in November and as you can see, they grew a little bit :)

And yes I know, one of the flowers wasn't in its place here, but we fixed it after we took this picture :)

PS: In the back you can see my beautiful friend Nina!

And here you can see my beautiful prom hair, that my mum made for me. She was trying to make it look as beautiful as possible because she wanted me to feel like a princess, and I really did! I have to add that my mum is not a professional hairdresser or hair stylist or something. So I really have to say that she did a really great job! What do you think? Let me know!
And we were really scared because my hair is very heavy and of course the curls weren't perfect anymore in the second picture, which was about 3 hours after the picture before. But they looked still very nice, I think. of course, I am not telling you to like it, but I was happy.

And now let's check out my hair products! :)

So here we have a head&shoulders shampoo which I always use, because it is always at home and it is nice, so I don't really mind. The Nashi Argan shampoo is, as the name says, a shampoo which has natural ingredients and argan oil, which is very good for your hair, and next to it you can see the same shampoo but in a baby size! :) I have to say that at first I was scared to use the Argan oil shampoo, because I knew that it wouldn't work as good as the head&shoulders shampoo, but I tried it out and you have to apply a lot on your hair, it doesn't really foam up, but well, this was not the end of trying it out :)

Here we have my conditioners and the one from Timotei is the one that I always use. I bought it in Poland in summer and I really like it, it makes my hair look very nice and it smells good. The Garnier Fructis conditioner was bought before summer and I don't use it at the moment. I also had the Goodbye damage one which I really liked, but I left it on my summer holidays :( . And the Nashi Argan conditioner, well I used it after I washed my hair with the Argan shampoo and it was ok so far, but of course this was still not the end.

 Again, I don't know why this picture is not like all the others, but fine. Let it be rebellious! The Gliss Kur spray conditioner is the one I use before I dry my hair and I LOVE IT! It really is the best conditioner I ever had and it works so good with my hair! They are very soft after I dried them and I will surely buy this product again. Then the Glem vital conditioner was the one I used before the Gliss Kur one and I was also happy with it, but not as much as with the Gliss Kur! And then the Nashi Argan. So, well before drying my hair, I used it and then the effect was really nice! I was happy because my hair was soft and it smelled nice and so on, but sadly I had to wash my hair after 2 days already, and normally I wash it after 3 days. But this time it was so greasy that I really couldn't wait anymore. So I am not so conviced of the Nashi Argan products, even though I know that they are good for your hair. Maybe I'll use the products once in a while to make my hair happy :)
Here we have additional hair products. My mum bought the Taft Volume spray for my prom hair and from this time I always use it before I dry my hair and it really makes my hair a bit bigger, which makes me happy since it is not so thick anymore. Then the Batiste dry shampoo, well I use it sometimes when I am at home and my hair doesn't look too good anymore, but I really don't know if it is working or not because I don't see any difference with or without it, my hair only gets grey and I can't brush it out properly. Maybe I should buy the one for brunnette hair? We'll see. Then there is a Nashi Argan oil mask something that I didn't use so far, but certainly will, once in a while. And of course my lovely Nashi Argan hair brush! It has the same system like the Tangle Teezer. and as I got the whole Nashi set as a gift, I didn't buy the Tangle Teezer anymore( I wanted to buy it very much!). I am happy with this brush, it detangles my hair perfectly when it is wet and I really like it. I don't use normal brushes anymore, since I have this one! :)

And here we have some Polish Bio-silica capsules that are good for your hair. And I took similar ones in summer and they really helped me as my hair was falling out very badly and the capsules stopped them from falling out. So I decided to keep on with these pills because they have natural ingridients and are good for my hair :)

And this was it! This was all about my hair, I have no idea what I could tell you more, apart from that I want to cut my hair a bit in February again because as you can see they don't have the same length all over and I want to achieve to actually have all my hair at the same length, which I can only achieve by cutting them regularly a bit. So I hope that I really can go in February to my favourite hairdresser and to make my hair pretty again! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I surely will answer! :)

Have a nice Sunday guys! :*



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