Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Collective Haul!

As I promised, I am going to upload the January Collective Haul today, because tomorrow I'll have to pack and will be under pressure and on Saturday I am off to Poland, so there won't be any time left to do this.
Also I have to say that this is not going to be just about beauty products or just about clothes. It is everything that I have bought this month, except of food of course. So I hope you're going to enjoy it and here we go!

Ok, so here you can see nearly everything I bought this month. A jacket, two sweaters and a cup are missing in this picture, but you'll see them soon!

I bought two "very berry" candles that smell amazing, and they were the last ones I could manage to find, so I took both of them. They are in a metal tin and look so cute and girly. Also there is a tissue box in the back, because I always have random tissue boxes in my room which don't necessary fit my room design, and this metal box is quite nice, so mum and me grabbed it ;)

The next category is clothes. I bought two pairs of black thights that are made from recycled fabric and two pairs of some clima-thights that are supposed to keep your legs warm. All four pairs are black and without any patterns. Also I got two sweaters, which I already showed in two OOTD's to you. The left one is from H&M and the right one was a gift.

Also my box for my glasses broke ( I think it was my brother who broke it) and I had to buy a new one, so I just took a plain red one, the part which you can open is glittery and the rest of the box has just some kind of square pattern. Then I bought a necklace from I am which is a long one with a stone, a cross( even though I don't like crosses, but this actually doesn't annoy me), a feather and some metal stick thing. Then some time ago I also bought these gorgous hair bows from Claire's and you have to know that I have a bow collection already :3 .

Here is also the cup I bought with the tissue box and it is also so cute that I just had to buy it.

And now we have some beauty products. The Dove deodorant is the same as I already have, but soon it is going to be empty so I had to buy a new one. The Essie nail polish was also shown in my nail polish collection and it is the "Play Date" colour. I've also seen the Blistex-Happy Lips chapstick in an advertisment and it looks so cute that I had to buy it without thinking about it. But sadly I have to say that this is more of a gadget than lip care product, as it makes your lips feel like they would dry out or something. But it smells nice and looks awesome. I also grabbed some blush stick, that I don't really know how to use right now, but in the summer holidays I wanted to buy one from Rimmel, but wasn't sure about it, so I decided to wait. Now I've found this cheaper alternative and thought I'll give it a try, but I'll have to learn how to apply it so it will actually look good. You can also see a concealer from Essence which is the "Stay natural" one, you have to turn the end of it some times so the creamy concealer will come out of the brush and then you can apply it onto your skin. I think this product is very cool and practical but I think it would be better if it was more liquid than creamy. And last, the Metal Glam nail stickers. I've done a review on this product already, so I'll just repeat that I don't recommend it and I personally don't like it.

Once I watched things on h& and found this little bag there. I decided that I'd need to buy it but couldn't find it anywhere for such a long time! And finally this week I went to H&M and grabbed the last one! I am so happy because I really really love it, and I think it is a perfect small bag you can take to town or a party or elsewhere.

You can see that it has a colour that I can't really describe. It is like golden, grey, black or something and it has a thin strap and there are small parts of it made of a metal chain. So I really like the look of this bag and also the design as it has a boxy shape inside and you can organise it well. (which is good!)

Also my mum and me saw this jacket and thought it would be good to have also a jacket besides the fake fur. So we bought it and I really like it, it is warm and has some pockets, and it is not really black, it is more of a graphite colour I would say. Also on the inside there is like wool or something that keeps you warm. And it is from H&M.

And I think this was it! :)
Hopefully I didn't forget anything, but this should be everything as I've written down all the things I bought, so I wouldn't forget to mention anything.

If you liked this entry, I will upload monthly collective hauls and of course there will sometimes be more or less things, so I can't guarantee you that the hauls always will be exciting.

It got really late and I still have to do some homework and pack my bag for tomorrow. Also I am not sure what lessons I'll have tomorrow as we're going to the French theatre and don't know when we're coming back.




  1. Ooooo. Olivia ma bloga i jedzie do Polski :)

  2. wrecz przeciwnie. To naprawde fajna sprawa ;)

    1. okaze sie, jak na razie jest fajnie :)