Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hope, hope, hope...

Good evening readers!

I am feeling a bit better already and tomorrow I am definitely going to school. I would have PE in the afternoon, but the doctor told me that I couldn't do any sports this week, so I'll be home earlier. Of course I'll be studying more again, but maybe I'll manage to do an OOTD for you after school :)
I will try my best as I don't want to lose my dear readers, and I have to admit, that the number of views sunk from 100 to 12 a day which made me really sad, because I don't even know if anybody wants to read what I am writing and if it is worth my time and work. :(
I'll go to paint my nails, clean up the mess in my room and pack for school. I will also revise for my English check up that I'll have tomorrow and I'll be waiting for my lovely Eryk to talk a bit before going to bed.
Soon it is weekend again and I am not sure whether I am going anywhere or not. Most likely I will stay at home with my lovely school books..(See the sarcasm here?)
As I'll have holidays in February and I am going to Poland with my family, I would be too sad sitting at home without my boyfriend who would usually be always with me. So my cousin and I decided that I could visit her for 3 days, which I am going to do! I will take my camera with me, so I can document our little holidays together and to have something to write about :)
Also, I am waiting for April and I can't wait anymore! It makes me actually so happy that I can go to Scotland! <3

As you can see, English exam on Friday!

Hope you have a nice evening and night, and see you tomorrow hopefully!
But don't forget to come back everyday, so I can keep on writing this blog :)



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