Thursday, 16 January 2014

Flying or not flying? o.O

Good afternoon my dear readers! :)
I hope you are good because sadly I am a bit ill. :(
I have a heavy cough and my lungs are very sore, also I have a bit of fever and my head is sore too.
I also went to a thyroid doctor to the hospital to check it, if it is ok, as I've been taking hormons for about 3 years already because it needs some help in order to work properly. And they took some blood from me. And I really hate this, it is not a thing that I enjoy doing. But my little brother was holding my hand and at first he said that he would be watching what the doctor was doing but then he got really shocked when he saw the needle going into my arm and he was hiding his face with his other hand. Then he was asking all the time if I am ok and if it still hurts. So cute :)
There is such a little dot after the procedure and they always give you such huge plasters! It is going to wax my arms! :O 

Also, I am a bit confused as yesterday my mum and dad decided to buy me the flights for Edinburgh in April that I was dreaming of. And so we made a reservation online in the evening and I didn't get the booking confirmation by email.(Not even until half an hour ago!) So I've been sending them all day long complaints about the booking because I wasn't sure if they took the money and ignored the rest. Then I decided to call them and tell them about the issue. So they checked my reservation and it turned out that most likely the system broke down during the reservation and that I didn't book anything and I can try it again. So I was happy because now I know that the money is still there. But as we tried it another time it said that the payment was declined and we tried again and it said the same. So we just think that we can't pay with my mum's card and I need to ask my boyfriend's parents to book me the flights as they've always done this for me. So I need to send the money to my boyfriend now, so he can give it to his parents, so they can make the reservation for me. Hopefully this will work then!
I really want to go and I would be soooo sad if it wouldn't be possible! :(

Now I am going to sit down in my warm and cosy bed with some hot tea and my selfmade cookies and study until my boyfriend comes home from work, because I am waiting for a skype session <3



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