Monday, 6 January 2014

40 Facts about me :)

Most of the readers won't know me in person, so I will try to tell you 40 facts about me!

1) My second name is Julia.
2) I love singing.
3) I have a dog that lives with my grandparents called Orion.
4) My Birthday is on 26.04.1996.
5) I was born in Vienna even though my whole family comes from Poland.
6) I hate the cold, I get aggressive when I am freezing.
7) I love Innocent Smoothies.
8) I love British Sweets.
9) I am scared of dentists.( I actually really am!)
10) I have a brother called Noah and he is 4,5 years old.
11) I like rock music, metal, indie, dubstep and some other exceptions.
12) My favourite singer is definitely Florence Welch.
13) The only famous people I've seen are Bring me the Horizon.
14) I am allergic to other earrings than silver ones.
15) I've never been drunk in my entire life.
16) When I was little I "stole" a spoon from a café.
17) I love pizza.
18) I love travelling around.
19) I got my boyfriend's new camera because I like taking pictures.
20) I had to call the police once when our neighbours were fighting in the garden.
21) I went on a Europe trip with my boyfriend once: Vienna-Linz-Aachen-Gent-Antwerpen-Brussels-Lille-Dover-London-Edinburgh. AND I loved it.
22) I never burned my skin in the sun.
23) I'm barely watching TV-if I do, it most likely is in Poland.
24) I love reading books but only about religious themes and WW2.
25) My favourite shops are SuperDry, H&M, Forever21, Pull&Bear, Boots & Topshop.
26) Even though I never went to a Polish course, I don't do any mistakes in writing or speaking.
27) I am really bad at maths.
28) I have to study Latin at school.
29) I want to become an interpreter and work at home.
30) I don't remember the last time I've eaten ham or sausage with bread.
31) I go to a catholic school but I am not religious at all.
32) I love Yankee Candles.
33) I am scared of getting old too quickly.
34) I love crepes with Nutella.
35) I would love to see every single country in Europe.
36) I have very thick hair and I can't do messy buns.( No matter how hard I try!)
37) I am 1,66 m tall.(or not tall)
38) One of my dreams is to own a Chanel bag once.
39) One of my dreams got real- I own beautiful Dr. Martens boots.
40) I would love to marry my boyfriend and I hope that it is going to happen in the future. <3

So these were 40 random facts about me I could think of at the moment. It is 00:00 and I am waiting for my boyfriend to call me soon!  Then I can fall asleep happy again. Tomorrow after breakfast we are heading off to Vienna. I am not really sure yet if I am happy about it or not, but I surely will be very very busy at home, so the time will pass by so quickly and so I will see Eryk more quickly. So I am happy about this one, but I am not happy about the fact that I'll have my final exams in 5 months and that I need to study all day and all night now. :c

Tomorrow I sadly won't be able to upload any posts, so I do now and I'll try my best to write something on Tuesday again!

Good nighty!


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