Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nails of the day vs. Pugs!

 It is already 11:34 pm and I am still waiting for Eryyyyyk <3
 I was painting my nails before and I thought I'll show them, but sadly only the colour looks good. My nails are very short and very thin, which is the reason why they break off all the time. And then they are so short again and OMG. Never getting out of this! :O

So here are the Princess Nailsieees:
Look what happens to my hands EVERY SINGLE evening! ;O They are sooo swollen :( So sad at the age of not even 18 ! :( 
But you can see my beautiful rings, that I loooooove and that I never take off. <3

You're just my cup of tea - awww <3 bought this one with Eryk in Edinburgh <3

Play date is the name of the nail polish, but I'm going to show you more of it in my January haul post, so don't forget to come back as often as possible in order not to miss anything! 

And as I am ill, and not feeling too good, here is my I-am-angry-because-I-am-ill-face :
And here is my sexy outfit! :D
I think it is the best thing you could wear, don't you think? ;)

It's a babypink onesie with a loooot of pugs! So cute! :3
I really like wearing it at home all the time because it keeps me warm and it is very comfortable!

Good nighty girls, hope you are healthy and that you'll get enough sleep :)



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