Saturday, 4 January 2014

♥ My Favourite Beauty Products ♥

Hello! :)

As I promised you before, I decided to show you my favourite beauty products that I have at the moment. I want to show you pictures of them, tell you the price and why I think they are my favourites! I have to say that I don't really have much beauty products, as I only buy what I need and I try to use something before I buy something from the same category. Maybe this year it will change a bit, so there is a chance that I am going to buy more beauty products from now on, or I will ask my boyfriend to buy me them in the UK and bring me them when he's coming to visit me, because I live in Vienna and Vienna is awesome but of course we don't have all of the brands that the UK has, for example Soap&Glory is available only at Douglas, I haven't seen NARS or Sleek products, also there are no Rimmel and Bourjois(not anymore) products as far as I remember. And these are only some of them that I just had in my mind!
So mostly my products are from Austria or Poland, because I have family there and sometimes I get gifts or i just buy things myself when I am there. I also have some things from the UK that I bought myself or that I mostly get from my amazing boyfriend!
So I think I should start now, because I don't want to bore you! :)

Good! So these are the products I will show you now! As you can see I like pink and princessy things a lot! 

My first category is Shower Gels and others

The first product here is the "LA ROCHE-POSAY LIPIKAR Shower Cream". It has a bit of a watery consistence and you really need just a little amount of it to moisture your whole body! You use it in the shower after you used your shower gel and trust me, if you use this one for two days your skin will be already so smooth, so soft! I totally love this shower cream because my skin is veryveryvery dry normally and since I started using this every day, my skin feels so amazing now! I can't even believe it because I tried already so many body lotions and nothing really helped like this product! So you can really give it a try if you have the same problem as I had! In the UK you can buy 200 ml for about 10 pounds !

The next product is my "The raspberry kiss shower cream". I have a big bottle, which contains 500 ml of this beautiful smelling shower gel! It really smells fruity and I love it! As you can see, I didn't use it for a long time because I just got it for Christmas and I can't say if there are some effects, but the smell is awesome!
In Austria this one costs 5 Euros which really is ok for 500 ml!

The third product here is my "Soap&Glory Foam Call Shower gel" that I got from my lovely boyfriend for Christmas! It has a really nice bottle and a very cute design. The smell of it is hard to describe, to me it seems like man fragrance. I think this is what Soap&Glory wanted to achieve with this product because it says something like "Shower alone? Not with this one." , which to me seems a bit like "Forever alone? Not with this one." , but with this product you are not, because the smell of man is there, so it reminds you of your partner or someone. I hope you know what I mean :D Personally, I like this smell and as my boyfriend left and I am alone now, I certainly will think that he was in the shower before me. :) This also is a 500 ml bottle and a small amount is already enough to clean your body :) The cost of this one in the UK is 6,50 pounds.

And the last product of this category is the"Soap&Glory Daily Soothe bath float". I have to admit that I didn't use this product so far because I had no bath since Christmas, which doesn't mean that I didn't shower! I also got this from my boyfriend :) It has a very nice texture and it says that you just put a handful of it into your shower water and it will foam up nicely. So as soon as I'm going to be back home I will try this baby out because I already think it is going to be nice! This is a 300 ml container which costs 8 pounds. Personally I think that this is quiet expensive, but we'll see how long I can use it :)

The "HAND FOOD hand cream" was also a gift from my boyfriend. It is awesome! The smell is very nice and it is not sticky, you don't need to wait long until it dries. I really like using this hand cream although I hated using them before, but this one is super cool! You can buy 125 ml for 5 pounds!

The "Dove go fresh" deodorant has an amazing smell, which covers the smell of sweat quite good. It is my favourite so far and I left it in Scotland in summer and my boyfriend took it with him when he came to Vienna in december and I was really happy to have it back again! I bought it in Vienna so the cost of it was about 2,50 Euros.

And here you can see what I smell like. My two favourite fragrances are "Escada-Cherry in the air" and "Taylor Swift-Wonderstruck", also I really like the body mist from "AVON" which makes you feel fresh. I carry it along with me in my bag and if I feel like using some fragrance I just use this one! I also like the smell of "Viva la juicy-Juicy Couture Noir" but I don't have it yet. Maybe I will buy it someday! The Escada 50 ml bottle was bought in Vienna and costs about 55 Euros here, the 15 ml Wonderstruck costed 20 Euros. I bought the Avon body mist in summer in Poland and it costed me about 2 Euros which was very cheap!

And here are my favourite lip products! And what you need to know is that I am OBSESSED with lip products! I've always been and I still am! So I got my INGLOT palette from my cousin from Poland and she paid for it about 11 Euros. I love the bright colours! The lipstick is really quite long lasting, but sometimes it might make your lips feel a bit dry. So I always use some Vaseline before I use these lipsticks. The limited Vaseline and the Burt's Bees chapstick are from my boyfriend. I bought the brown Vaseline in Cambridge last year for 2 pounds, I use it every single day and I really can't get rid of it! I really love it and my boyfriend got me also all the 5 other available ones and I really want to use them but I told myself that I won't use one before I don't finish this one. So now I nearly finished the brown one and I want to use my princess edition, that I have in Vienna, so sadly I can't show it to you now. The scented Vaseline is a new limited edition,costed about 4 pounds,and I haven't tried it so far but it looks amazing. I love the Burt's bees stick which is with pomegranate taste. I use it every day! The "Soap&Glory-Sexy MOTHERPUCKER lip plumper" was on sale once in Vienna so I bought it for 15 Euros, which is still very expensive. My lips look the same, the lipgloss is veryvery sticky, but it smells like chocolate and oranges and it looks nice on my lips, so I still like it!

I bought this "Golden Rose Eyeliner" 1 year ago in Poland and I really don't know how much it was but it was cheap. It is easy to use and has a really dark colour. The "Rimmel-Scandaleyes Lycra flex" mascara was a gift from my boyfriend's mum,she got me two of them. This mascara is really awesome because it keeps my lashes like standing and all the other mascaras that I used were like making my lashes too heavy and they were hanging down which didn't look too good. This mascara costs 5 pounds in the UK. The brush is very big and comfortable to use.

 I don't kow what happened to this picture :O
And the last product I am going to show you is my favourite bronzer from Bourjois, that i also got from my cousin. In the UK you can buy it for about 6 pounds. The colour is really nice and you can control easily how dark you want it to be on your skin. It smells like chocolate and this is really a nice thing too! Also the box looks like a little book and it is so cute! So this was my last favourite product anfdI hope you liked this entry! I know that it is quite long and maybe a bit boring but maybe some girls want to see some new things before they buy them :)



  1. Do a post about products you use for your face because you've perfect skin ! xoxo

    1. Thank you Claudia! But I have to admit that I don't use any face products at all! :(

    2. In these case you're a lucky girl ! I'm dreaming about skin like yours !

    3. Well,thank you :) I am sure your skin will get better as well because mine has also bad days ;)