Saturday, 11 January 2014

My New Year's Resolutions!

I'm not too sure if I am going to keep them, but I'll give them a try at least! ;)

1) Study even harder!
2) Work out once in a while!
3) Save some money to spend in Scotland!
4) Go to Scotland for my 18th Birthday in April!
5) Try to help more in the household as you're going to move out soon!
6) Cut your hair a bit so it looks fresher again!
7) Try to hit 100 readers a day as soon as possible!
8) Buy a Liebeskind Berlin bag!
9) Don't weight less than 50kg but don't weight more than 53 kg either!
10) Buy a new notebook that is smaller and lighter than your current one!( But it's pinky! *__* )

I hope that it will be possible to achieve these resolutions and that this year will be a hard but good one!
I can't wait graduating from school in June (HOPEFULLY!) and I also can't wait for the last school day ever in my life which is going to be somewhere in April. (Please let it be before Easter holidays so I can stay in Scotland for my Birthday!)

What are your New Year's resolutions? Dou you have any?
Let me know! :)

PS: I thought of doing monthly hauls, as I am not going shopping too often.



  1. Do a post about your diet (like typical breakfast) and about your work out cause you have amazing body !

    1. Thanks again,Claudia! I can try to show some pictures of my typical food of the whole day , but I am definitely not working out :)
      And thank you for the idea :)