Friday, 24 January 2014

My OOTD 4 + I couldn't resist!

Hello people!
It's already Friday, which means Weekend! WOOHOO!
Unfortunately I will sit at home studying, but this is still better than sitting in school. Today I had my English exam which was hopefully alright and the next test I'll have is biology on Tuesday.

Well, I decided to upload my OOTD because this time, occasionally, there is no skirt ;)

Sorry that I am out of focus :(
My cute dress is from H&M which I bought ages ago. One thing that I don't understand is, that this is actually a dress and how am I supposed to wear it without leggins? It is impossible because you can see too much of my body, so I always wear it with some black leggins from Reserved, that I also bought about 2 or 3 years ago.

 Here you can see the material, though this picture again is out of focus. ( I think I am not the best photographer :( )
And here I am smiling! WOOHOO 2 days of being home again! :D

And now... be ready for it... 

I mean how can anybody walk past this beauty and not grab it?
I don't think this happens often..
In fact I still didn't try it but it looks delicious. It has some filling, we'll see soon! :)

Have a nice weekend! :*



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