Monday, 13 January 2014


Hellloooooo!!! :)
WOW! Yesterday I had 75 clicks on my blog, which is amazing! Thank you so much! :)

Today I wanted to show you all my lip products that I have currently, so let's go! :)

Let's start with my tiny lipgloss collection.
First there is my Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip plumper. I showed it already in the post about my favourite products which is here if you want to see what I think about it -> My Favourite Beauty Products
Then you can also see my Manhattan High Shine Lipgloss in the colour 46S. It is very pink and shimmery. I quite like it and it is also my second one that I bought in the same colour. But what I don't like too much are the little glitter parts because you can feel them a bit when you press your lips together.
The third lipgloss is from Miss Sporty which I bought in Poland 2 summer holidays ago(which you can see that it is old!), as my boyfriend's sister had the same one and I wanted to have it! It is basically like the Manhattan one but less coloury. I mean that you can put on a lot and you won't have the effect of the colour, that you will have with the Manhattan one. Also the glitter is a biiit smaller and it is not so annyoing.
Then there is my fourth lipgloss, it's the Rimmel Apocalips, colour 501 Stellar. I bought this one because I wanted to have an Apocalips lipgloss but this one is quite a matte colour and I really don't like the smell and that's the reason I don't use it. I think the colour is really pretty but I can't stand the smell :(

Then I have two normal lip balms, one from Burt's Bees which I also described in the post about the beauty products, but I can say that I really like it <3
And also my all time favourite lip balm from Labello which is the same thing like Nivea basically. I always had the Hydro Care and I like the smell and the texture and the effect, I just really love it!

I also have a mini freedom system pallette from INGLOT that my cousin bought me in Poland. I have two very intense, pink colours. The one on the left is lighter and the one on the right is a bit darker. As you can see I use them from time to time and I am really happy that I have them. But one thing that would need some improvement is that after some time it feels like my lips are dry when I have them on. I mean this is not a big problem because I use some Vaseline before I put the lipstick on, but if you could change something about the product, it would be the drying out feeling.

 And of course, my Vaseline collection. I also had a blue one, the classic version, and a second brown one, the cocoa butter one, but as I only used the one from the picture, I gave the new one to my cousin. As you can see I have two limited editions, and I only used the cocoa butter one, which soon is going to be empty, and the pink bubbly one, that I got last year for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend. I bought the brown one in 2012 in Cambridge and I have been using it every single day! The other ones were also a gift from my boyfriend 2 summers ago. I really like the Vaselines and I can't wait using all of them and buy new ones :)

And last, two Body Shop Born Lippy lip balms which smell AMAZING! And the Cherry Carmex that smells quite nice as well ;)
The Carmex was again a gift from my boyfriend, and the Body Shop ones I bought before Christnas.
Again I can only say positive things about them and I recommend especially the Born Lippy ones !

I love all kinds of lip products and probably I would buy every single product from the drugstore but my mum would most likely kill me if I did this! :D

So I hope that maybe you'll try out some of them yourself and if you do, let me know what ou think about them! :)

PS: I think before January ends I will upload a general January haul post for you :)

- Olivia