Friday, 10 January 2014

Room Tour - My little Princess Room :)

As I had no time to post anything yesterday because I had school until 7 pm and later on I had to study soooo much, I am showing you my room today! I was cleaning it up for 2 hours toay after school and then I took some photos of it. I thought that maybe you'll find it interesting how my room looks like :)
We moved in 5 years ago, so I turned 12 back then. Since then only details changed in my room. Of course I'm not saying that you need to like my room, but I feel comfortable in it and I like it. Also as I'm moving out this year, I won't take the furniture with me, because that's quite impossible. I'm just going to take all the important things with me, but surely I'm going to miss my Princess Room! :(

                                                                    And this was it! :)

Hopefully you liked it, don't forget to keep coming back every day, recommend me to your friends and to make me happy ! :)



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