Monday, 27 January 2014

What do you eat?

Hello back!
I decided to write this post, but you have to know that I am not eating like most of the bloggers that show their healthy food. So be prepared! :D
So first of all, when I go to school, my mum always makes us some sandwiches in the morning, so I won't go to school if I didn't eat anything, because my mum insists on me getting enough food. (I already do, but fine)
So I always want one slice of bread with classical Philadelphia, as it is the best thing for me to eat at 7 in the morning. Also, I always have a cup of tea in the morning. I can't eat fruits or other nice looking things as I would get sick. (Sadly.) I also have to say that I am not hungry so early, I get hungry at about 9 or 10 in the morning, so this is the time where I mostly eat my second breakfast at school. Today I had two croissants without any fillings, because I don't eat ham or stuff like that. Then I came home before 2 and had some delicious soup that my mum made for me. It is my favourite one with pickled cucumbers and carrots. So I ate a small bowl of it. Here is the picture:

Maybe it doesn't look amazing, BUT it is delicious!

The next thing I ate was some LU Milka chocolate. To be honest with you, it was half the chocolate bar.

Well,.. and then I grabbed the second chocolate bar. This time it was the ZOTTER-French Nougat one. 
And I also ate half of this one. You can see it here:

Then again I decided to eat something more healthy and went to the fridge, took out some Polish salad that I made two days ago. What you need for this salad kind of thing is :
-sweet corn
-natural yoghurt

I really like this one and we always make it for Easter, but I just felt like I need to eat it a bit earlier :P

And about half an hour ago I decided I need more. So I cooked myself some sweetcorn and ate it with salt and I really liked it! 

Boiling sweetcorn. Poor sweetcorn.

And now I am having some nice Strawberry tea without sugar.
And I would probably eat some more sweets, but it is already past 10, I need to take a shower, take care of my two toes that are a bit ill, and revise for biology and Latin once more, go to bed, wait for my best boyfriend to call me and say "Goodnight my Princess, I love you!" and then I'll go to sleep.

I hope that this post showed you a bit of what I eat during the whole day and I'll also try to write more of these posts for you, because today was quite a healthy day, but sometimes it is really bad! ;)

Have a lovely night guys, see you tomorrow! :*
PS: We still didn't hit 1000 views and I think we won't anymore, but that's alright!



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