Sunday, 26 January 2014

Essence Nail sticker Test and Review!

Hello dear readers :)

Today is a lazy day again and I am trying my best to study biology as much as possible.
But I also wanted to do my nails, and I decided to try out some nail stickers that I bought last time. I've never used nail stickers before and I just wanted to see if they really work and I grabbed some cheap ones, for 3 Euro, to see if it is worth to pay more money for them. So I picked the Essence Metal Glam ones up and now I sticked them onto my left hand and I really have to say that they are not worth the money.
There are 14 stickers, which is good because you can pick the ones that suit your nail size most. Unfortunately, they are not smooth on the nail surface, they are wavey and they really don't look good on my nails. Maybe it is also not so easy to do them yourself and maybe a person that knows how to use nail stickers can apply them so good that they are going to look fine. But in my case I wouldn't buy them again, because I am really not happy with the result and I also will take them off after I finished this post and apply some normal nail polish.

As you can see it says easy on-easy off. Yes, easy-off is definitely true, but easy-on not. The stickers are not hard so they fall onto your nail before you find the place where you want to stick them on, and every time you have to rip them off again.

And this is the result. As you can see, the sickers don't fit the surface of my nails and they just don't stick perfectly to them. Also on the packaging it says to apply some top coat in order to have a better hold. But what should make it better? Applying top coat onto the sticker and not even to the nail? I don't understand why this should be done, though I tried it, and you can easily take the stickers off. 

So, sadly I have to say that I won't buy them again.

Hope this review helps you if you want to buy these stickers and are not sure about them, if it is worth trying them out and so on.

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