Friday, 3 January 2014


Good Morning!!!

Today I'll start with my Outfit Of The Day and I hope you'll like it! :)

My sweater and my skirt are from H&M

My beautiful Dr. Martens that I got from my boyfriend <3

2 golden rings that I got from my mum

2 silver rings that I got from my boyfriend <3
Nail polish: Catrice-25 Robert's Red Ford

In fact I have french gel nails but as you can see most of them broke again and I just put on some nail polish to cover them up a bit.
I bought my blue flower wristband in Summer at the Polish sea,where I also got this beautiful red one with the silver heart where the name of my boyfriend is engraved. The pink and silver one is one of my Christmas gifts, so I'll show you this one soon :)

I like this outfit because it is very comfortable and cute. As you will probably see, I always wear my rings and these 3 little wristbands without taking them off, so they will always be part of my OOTD. :)

I hope you liked this simple outfit of today and that you will keep reading my blog :)


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