Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My OOTD 6 + Nails and hair of the day!

Hello beauty queens!
I just came home from school, ate my lunch ( which was my favourite dish ever) and now I am uploading my outfit from today.
I have to study quite a lot later on, even though holidays start on Saturday, but fine.

Here you can see what I just ate. Rice( I love rice!) with some meat bits and curry sauce!

Sweater from Clockhouse (I actually got it from Dani as she is too tall for it), leggings from Reserved

Hairbow from Claire's, for the first time ever my messy bun looked quite good!

School make up is as always the same

I also had this bag at school today, because I had more things to take home.

And I've done my nails yesterday, using the Astor Mikado 08 polish. Obviously one of my nails broke again.

So this is everything I wanted to show you today, if there should be some more exciting news, I will upload them, but now my school books are calling me and I want to cry.



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