Wednesday, 8 January 2014

♥ My Christmas presents! ♥

Good evening my dear readers!
I see you come from across the world! That makes me very very happy and I hope that I'll gain even more readers! :)
As I promised you right in the beginning, I am going to do an entry about my presents that I got for Christmas. I know it is late for christmassy things, but since I've not been home I decided to do it now.
I am going to upload a photo of my presents, and I have to say that there are sweets in this picture...but most of the sweets are already in my belly and will never come back! So I am very sorry about that! Also there isn't my Fossil wristband in the picture as I showed it already with my first OOTD.
Also I got money, that I am not going to show, and I am trying to save it for moving out and for (hopefully and maybe) spending my Easter Holidays in Edinburgh.
So here is the picture and under the picture I am going to write down where the things are from and who got me them! :)

  • 3 Festive Yankee Candles from Yankee Candle Scotland: from my boyfriend
  • Pink purse from FOSSIL: from my dad
  • Soap&Glory bathing float from Boots: from my boyfriend
  • Soap&Glory hand cream from Boots: from my boyfriend
  • Pink wristband from FOSSIL: from my dad
  • Hand warmers: from my boyfriend
  • Sweets from Sainsbury's: from my boyfriend
  • Soap&Glory shower gel: from my boyfriend
  • Raspberry shower gel from Müller: from a friend
  • Dr. Martens from Office: from my boyfriend
  • Tea box from Whittard of Chelsea: from my boyfriend
  • WoodWick candle from a Polish shop: from my cousin
  • H&M voucher: from my mum
  • 2 Mary Kay hand creams: from my boyfriend's mum
  • Rimmel Mascara: from my boyfriend's mum
  • a bath bomb from a Polish shop: from my boyfriend's brother
  • Limited Vaseline from Boots: from my boyfriend
  • Black wristband from a Polish shop: from my boyfriend's brother
  • Escada-Cherry in the Air from Müller: from my dad
  • Burt's Bees Lipcare from Boots: from my boyfriend
  • 2 Tetley teas,Lady Grey&Earl Grey: from my boyfriend
  • Scottie Dog Shortbread box from Sainsbury's: from my boyfriend
    • A golden hairclip from Bijou Brigitte: from my mum
    • Also some basic tops from H&M: from my mum
    • And some underwear from H&M: from my mum
    So these were my presents I got for Christmas, I know it is A LOT and I feel quite bad about it. But of course I am really happy and I really like my presents this year!

    Also I am not trying to look cool or anything, I just wanted to share my presents with you. Maybe you'll like something and you'd like to buy the same thing, I don't know! :)

    Now I have to go studying again because tomorrow is my geography test and I still don't know really much about the themes. And I should.

    So bye, bye, bye hope you liked this entry, that you'll recommend my blog to a friend and that you'll keep reading me :)



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