Friday, 17 January 2014

♥ Red lips and record time ♥

Yesterday I had 97 views, which is my new record! My last one was 75!
Thank you so much for reading my blog! And I really don't know how but the most readers come from America!

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I have so many views, although this is nothing compared to other bloggers, I mean like famous bloggers! But I am not a famous blogger and I am happy with my views as I am also not making money with this blog. I am just writing to improve my English and to give you something to read.

I just watched my January photos on my laptop and I really don't know why my lips look so strange in every picture that I took to compare lipsticks. I really don't know because without lipstick they look normal.  And wearing lipstick makes them look very strange. :(

It is now 12 o'clock and my brother and me are still in bed, watching Spongebob and relaxing. Soon though, I'll have to study a bit because over the last two days I really did nothing for school except of writing my work for English, as I was so weak.
Hopefully, tomorrow we will feel better again so we can spend a nice family day together. My dad was thinking of going shopping as it is my mum's birthday in two days!

If you like, recommend my blog to your friends, keep coming back every day for my news and have a nice start into the weekend! :) :*

PS: Also, you can ask me questions in the comments below, because I could do a Questions & Answers post, if you'd like me to :)



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