Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My OOTD 5 and bag organisation!

Hello beauty queens!

I just came home from school, and I am relieved that I don't need to write the biology test anymore. At least for some weeks. I decided to upload my OOTD and to show you what I grabbed from the fridge, also how I manage to organise my bags. ;)

Sweater from H&M, loop scarf from Clockhouse, leggings from Reserved

PS: I love sugar skulls!

My boots from Clarks that are quite worn out because of the snow last Easter. :(

Need to get my hair cut again!

School make up is as always the same :)

Bag of the day and here you can see how I manage to have everything with me that I need for school.

So, in the big pocket there are my sheets that I need, my headphones and my iPod, my pens, my glasses, my beauty bag and my physics book. In the two smaller pockets behind there is my Edinburgh notebook and my Soap&Glory HandFood hand cream. In the front pocket there is my school planner, my Vaseline and my Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumper.
And yes, I managed to close the bag :D

And here is some delicious Austrian Apfelmus that I totally love and I am actually eating it with a big spoon! YUM YUM <3

I am not quite sure what I am going to do today, but I know that I need to go to H&M and give a piece back, as it doesn't fit and go to the pharmacy, come home and write my English work. Oh yes, and write my homeworks. Awesome, everyday the same!

Hope you have a nice day! :*



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