Monday, 20 January 2014

Keep calm I am the doctor!

Good morning! :)

In the morning my mum took me and my brother to the doctor and it turned out that I have to stay at home for at least the next two days and that I can't do sports this week as well. Also I have to take some gross medicine for the next 6 days. I have a throat infection something , I don't even know xD
But hopefully the medicine will do it better because I really need to go to school soon again!

Now I have to read my English book, as I want to continue writing my work because I want to start already writing the psychology work, that I need to hand in, in February.
Also I should soon start reading my German book as I need to do a presentation and write a work about it too! And I have the presentation in February as well.

My flight tickets will be booked in the next few days and now I started the countdown already. Me and my boyfriend are always doing the countdown as soon as we know the next date we are going to see each other again. And this time it will be the 12th of April and until then it is still.... 81 days. 81 days! Can you imagine not seeing your partner for 81 days? You also have to know that I last saw him 16 days ago, which is a total of 97 days of not seeing each other! And yes, this is not the first time we are doing this, but we have to get through this time, because there is no other way out. We've made it so many times already, and now school will be so stressful for me that I'll be studying day and night probably( OR NOT! HA HA! ) and time will go by so fast again.
Then there will be already my 18th Birthday after I come back from Scotland and then my Matura and THEN! FREEDOM. For at least some time until I'll need to move out, find a college or university, which would make me even happier, and work and oh my god, so stressful! But this is what I decided to do and I really want to try it out at least! :)

Do you have already plans for the very near future? If yes, tell me! :)

I'll leave you now with my Princess drink :)




  1. On the 13th April is my Birthday :D
    Hmmm in the very near future I will take a break. I'm studying the whole day and I'm getting very tired.
    Have a nice vacation

  2. Oh cool! My Birthday is on the 26th :) I would also like to take a break but on the other hand I would like to finish my education as soon as possible. I am so exhausted every single day that I could sleep all the time :D