Saturday, 4 January 2014

Princess Sadness.. :'(

Heellooo you nice people out there,
Today I actually feel very bad because Eryk is going back to Scotland and I brought him to the bus station from which he started his journey. I've seen him for 3 weeks now and I got used to him as always. Now everything is so quiet and sad and I am crying almost all the time. Of course I know hat we'll see each other in maximum April, but still three and a half months are quiet a long time. I miss him very much and I don't know what to do to distract myself. Everything reminds me of him and I just feel very bad. I am trying to think about the time where we will be moving together in our nice flat. This is soon and hopefully we can see eachother in April aswell, but this is just an idea. I know that I shouldn't be sad because time will go by so quickly and again I won't even have enough time to study and do all the things I have to do,and I will be with Eryk again. But right now it feels very bad and missing someone you love is really not the nicest thing in the world, especially when you know that you can't see that person whenever you want to.
Also my boyfriend always calls me Princess whatever I do and now a friend of mine just sent me this picture which made my cry even more ->

I am sorry about this post about my Princess Sadness, but I hope that you understand me.

This picture was made yesterday while my cousin Kinga visited us. Look how tiny I am! Like a tiny tiny Princess, like Eryk would say! :)

I will try to revise for school, watch TV and write posts as often as possible and wait for messages from my boyfriend <3

Also, I will try to write a post about my favourite beauty products with pictures and explanations why I like them, so I would be happy if you'd check out my post about these thingies :)
Hope you are fine!



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