Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ziaja Body Lotion Review

Hi again!

A few weeks ago I already posted a photo on my Instagram ( which is here), where I showed the 4 Ziaja body lotions I got to try and when I saw their generous packaging my first thought was: When will I use these all? But I was very happy about that because I got to find out which one is my favourite and which one I like using more on certain days etc. Thanks to the big choice I can also stay away from buying even more body lotions, which is great! ( I'm so into body lotions, it's crazy)

The 3 bottles are 400ml each and they are from the Cocoa butter, Goat's milk and Natural Olive range.  The Coconut lotion comes in a 200ml packaging, so it's good for taking it on holidays or on a sleepover etc. 

To give you an idea of these products I will quickly talk you through them.
Let's start with the Olive range: It moisturises your skin thoroughly and leaves it silky soft and smooth. What is also great about it, is that it can even be used on the skin of 6 month old babies! That should pretty much show you how good it is for your skin! If you have dry skin, this will sort you out quickly!
The smell is a delicate, almost floral one but definitely not in an overwhelming way.

The Cocoa butter range is probably my favourite ever! Now that summer is here, it makes me even happier because if you know the Ziaja Cocoa butter tanning spray ( which comes in the Cocoa butter range) you will know the amazing smell. This is the first smell I associate with hot, sunny summer days by the pool. The Cocoa butter Ziaja products just bring back so many good memories to my mind!
This lotion reassures that my dry skin gets a bit more "greasyness" and when I apply it at bed time and wake up in the morning, my skin feels so soft, silky and elastic! My skin also feels so relaxed after using this lotion. This is really a life saver. And of course; THE SMELL!

The Goat's milk lotion revitalises and visibly softens the skin. The ingredients are so good for your skin and therefore this range is very popular I've seen. It contains goat's milk proteins and many vitamins, so what else would you want? Again, the smell is very delicate and by far the most neutral one from the 4 lotions in my opinion. So, if you are not so much into scented lotions, try this one!
I also tried their face cream range and it is just as good!

Thanks to the pumps, the application of the lotion is just so simple, you can't "overdose", two pumps are usually enough for one of my legs. The lotions absorb quickly so if you get out of the shower you can quickly apply them and get dressed straight away. ( Sorry for my wet hair in the photos- I literally just got out of the shower too :D )

The Coconut lotion is again one of my favourites. It has a beautiful coconutty smell, the container is handy, because it is rather flat and fits nicely in your hand, it's not too big and not too small- perfect for popping it into your beach bag or suitcase! This is definitely what I will do when I go away on holidays next week - no excuse not to moisture! 
The ingredients of this lotion give your skin moisture but they also reassure it doesn't loose the moisture again, it soothes skin irritations and again relaxes your skin after a long day.

So, apart from saying that I love them all, there is nothing negative to mention really. They last so long, they only had positive effects on my skin so far, so I'd definitely recommend them to everybody! Their are also affordable and in Austria you can get them in Bipa and Merkur, or online (check the links in the beginning!).

Make sure to check out my other post about Ziaja cosmetics, because maybe you'll find something for yourself! :) -> Ziaja Skincare 

Let me know if you have any Ziaja products and what you think about them!




  1. I have never heard of this brand before but they all sound amazing

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  2. Sounds interesting! Great blog xxx