Monday, 31 August 2015

Stationery Haul | Back To School/Uni

Hello everyone!
I am really sorry that I don't get to post so often recently, but I'm very busy with looking after my brother at the moment and it's also so hot that we spend most of our days at the pool.
He will however start school next week, which means that I will maybe ( hopefully) have some more time for myself.

Still, today we went to the paperware shop to get some things for my Uni start in October and since I got some cute bits I thought maybe you'd like to see what I like using for studying and so on.

If you're interested then head over to my Youtube Channel to watch my Stationery Haul here,
Or, watch the Haul below!

Thank you for watching! :)



Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day Out With My Brother | Museum Of Natural History

Yesterday we went to see beautiful butterflies and the ocean's creatures and today we went to the museum to see how our world has developed over the years.
We also considered going to the zoo but it is so hot today that we would have gone crazy there.

The museum was pretty cool and very interesting in general so we spent a few hours there, before having some fries and heading back home in that heat.

Look at that architecture and ceiling! So beautiful and interesting!

That T-Rex was probably today's highlight because it is actually a robot and it moves around and makes weird noises and yeah - basically like a real dinosaur.

Today I was wearing:
white A-line dress - Stradivarius
burgundy satchel - CCC
jelly shoes - CCC

Some more walls and ceilings that look great...

Such cuties, aren't we? Check out Noah's style with those red socks that totally match the rest of his outfit!

Museum of Art History

So, now that we're home, I had to lay down because my legs are falling off.
Hope you all had a nice day and that you enjoyed the few photos I wanted to share with you :)



Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Day Out With My Brother | Vienna

Today both of my parents left the house early, so once Noah and I got up we thought of seeing something in town. And so we made our way to the Buttergly House and then to an Aquarium kind of thing too.
We spent the whole day away from home and we are both exhausted I think.

So, I wanted to share some photos of the day and I hope you'll enjoy them!

There are so many museums in Vienna that we basically couldn't really decide where to go.

Those butterflies were so cute and not even scared of people!

Such a beauty!

I love the buildings of Vienna and look at how big the city is! It's incredible!

Me and my baby! Can't believe he'll start school in less than two weeks!

I was wearing:
faux leather jacket - Pimkie
black cardigan - Zara
white shirt - Primark
skinny jeans - Warehouse
satchel - CCC
shoes - VANS

And we saw lots of fishies, lizards, spiders and all that kind of stuff and it was pretty interested I'd say. I filmed pretty much today so don't forget to check out the vlog on Saturday!



Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I Ate Today | Breakfast

It's Sunday today and I thought I'd eat something really nice and I wanted to enjoy that moment in peace.
I wanted to show you what I ate throughout the day but we went to a family barbecue and there I just ate many different things that I wouldn't eat on a daily basis, so I decided to do a breakfast part today instead.
Hope you won't be angry with such a kind of post and that you'll still appreciate it.

Today I couldn't really decide what to go for, but by the time I got out of bed, my had already made those buns in the oven so someone had to eat them. I thought of having them with either Philadelphia or Nutella, but in the end I chose Nutella ( as you can see). I also only had one of those because lately I'm eating way too much and I already feel a bit uncomfortable in my body just now.
In Scotland I was only drinking my favourite Twinings earl Grey tea all the time and this morning I also wanted to have one of those cosy mornings but then I saw my Coconut and Chocolate Alpro in the fridge and I knew I had to drink it before it goes bad. By the way, I found that sort of Alpro first at ASDA some months ago, but only a tiny pack and was so sad I couldn't get my hands on such a big one. And now, a few days ago I went to a drugstore with my friend and I saw this and I nearly cried and got it. Even though it is pretty pricey, but I didn't care because I had to get this bit of Scotland.

And to finish off my healthy/unhealthy breakfast, I went for a bowl of vitamins - my favourite fruits.
I took a handful of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and white grapes and also added one slice of watermelon. I think those fruits are so tasty and worth eating instead of sweets and I wish someone would always cut them up for me like this and put them in front of my face so that I could just eat them at any time.

And the first thing at the barbecue I had was my apple pie that I was baking last night. Yesterday I had this hot slice ( straight out of the oven) with some vanilla ice cream and it was just heaven! 
And since the whole pie is all gone obviously, I will go and bake another one now because we definitely didn't have enough of it. If you want to bake it too, here's the recipe for it! It is delicious!

So, I'm off to bake the next pie now and cry about how fat I got over summer and then eat the pie and cry even more, but hey! What's life without cake?



Thursday, 20 August 2015

My OOTD: A Day With My Bestie

This morning me and my best friend Steffi met up in the city centre to get some tasty breakfast at a pretty French cafe called "Le Bol". Once we finally got a place to sit, we ordered ourselves some croissants, baguettes with marmelade and honey and of course - tea. It was tasty and we had an amazing time there just chatting about how our year went and so on.
Afterwards we went for a walk around the city centre, where Steffi showed me an Organic ice cream shop, so of course I got myself a portion. Then she was so kind to take some outfit pictures for my blog and we made our way to a shopping centre and afterwards to another shopping street before we both went home after 3pm!

trench coat - Pimkie
floral blouse - Forever21
black skater skirt - H&M
black tights - Primark
leopard tote bag - FOSSIL
cut out boots - Polish local shop

This photo is so funny and I'm only uploading it because Steffi liked it so much :D But basically, eating ice cream and having long hair is not the best combination in the world.

I've had such a great day and catching up with my friends is just beautiful ( and I only met 2 so far!)! Now I'm just sitting in my bed, relaxing and waiting for Eryk to finish work finally.



Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My OOTD: Kind Of Summer Kind Of Autumn

Today I can't really tell if it's still Summer or already Autumn. Or if the warm Summer days will return or not. It is pretty chilly, at only 18 degrees, but it isn't raining at least. However, there was also no sun at all, only clouds.
I did still find an outfit that was comfy and I wasn't cold and not hot either, I felt good and nice in that outfit.

My mum was so kind and took some pictures of it on our way home, so here's my OOTD!

floral rain parka - Primark
black mesh crop top - Topshop
burgundy skater skirt - Primark
100 den tights - Primark
burgundy bag - Primark
cut out boots - local Polish shop

Just realised that I'm basically covered in Primark today!

Got those boots on for the first time and I have to say that I love how they look like paired with black tights. ( And excuse the weird leg, it's my anklet hahah)

You can also see those boots in my haul video here:

Also, yesterday I met a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in ages and we went to the city centre for iced coffee and we did some sightseeing and A LOT of walking so we were both exhausted by the end of the day. AND I got terrible blisters.. I thought I wouldn't make it home. 
But this day was really so nice and I enjoyed every second of it! :)



Monday, 17 August 2015

My Poland Summer Haul | Stradivarius, Bioderma, Bourjois,...

Hello everyone!
As you already know, I spent my Summer holidays in Poland ( as usual) and I also got myself some things that I showed in my latest haul video! Definitely go and check it out below!

I bought things in all the possible cathegories, like beautym fashion, home or jewelry, so I tried not to make the video too long and too boring. I'm happy with all my purchases and would surely buy more if I had more money but at the moment I should probably save up, get rid of stuff I don't wear and maybe then buy something new.

This morning I went to the supermarket to get myself some breakfast and I found the Alpro Coconut& Rice drink I used to put in my porridge back in Edinburgh, so I got this. I also saw McVities Digestives and nearly cried because I've never seen them in Vienna before. I'm happy that we have them in shops now because they will remind me of my stay in the UK, which I already miss so much.

Also, make sure to check out my latest vlog, where I showed my last days in Poland and my trip back to Vienna!
Hope you all had a nice weekend and a good start into the week, ( It is pretty cool and very cloudy and even a bit rainy today in Vienna.)



Thursday, 13 August 2015

My Summer Hair Care

This summer turned out to be incredibly hot with plenty of sunshine here in Poland, which is pretty good because I get a tan and look healthier, but for my hair it's probably not the best thing in the world.

Today I wanted to show you which products I use to keep my hair in the best condition possible ( I hope!).

So, first of all, my hair already got pretty long by the end of June, so I knew I needed to cut it again because I had split ends and the ends were basically pretty dry and my hair didn't look that pretty any more. Personally, I prefer healthier to longer hair. Yes, I do want to have long hair, but I want it to be healthy and beautiful.
I cut my hair in the second/third week of July, and I got about 10 cm chopped off, which made my hair look much nicer already. This was basically my first step to taking care of my hair during summer.
While being by the seaside ( before cutting my hair), I bought some different hair masks to try out and I also got a new conditioner because I left my old one in Scotland, since it was basically already empty. Apart from that I was using my regular products.

Washing my hair:

I decided not to wash it as often as I would usually. Normally I wash my hair twice a week/ every three days. However, by the lake I wore braids most of the time, and my hair was constantly wet anyways, so it didn't look greasy. I did wash it about every four days I suppose, using my Pantene Pro-V Smooth&Sleek shampoo and used the new conditioner afterwards, which is also from Pantene Pro-V, from the Aqua Light range. Those products are said to give your hair 100% strength and 0% weight, so I thought it would be great for hot summer days. I don't dry it every time I wash my hair because it is just way too hot and I either braid my wet hair or let it dry a bit and decide later whether I want to braid it or keep it messy. I think I only dried my hair 6 times so far since the beginning of July.

Using hair masks:

I got different hair masks from the brand L'biotica BIOVAX, and decided to use one once a week. And I did. After the second one my hair was SO INCREDIBLY SOFT that I just couldn't believe it! I actually used the mask that you can see in this post and it was definitely the best out of all the different BIOVAX masks I've bought. My cousin also told me to get myself the L'Oreal Elseve Total Repair Extreme conditioners and I also tried out one so far and was pretty happy with it but feel like I could keep it in my hair for longer to achieve a better result.
Basically, I try to use conditioner as usual after washing my hair, but once a week I skip the conditioner and use a hair mask instead.

Extra products:
I have this AVON naturals Super Straight serum with honey extract and jojoba oil that I like to smear into my hair before washing it or whenever I feel like my ends would need some extra care. However, I have to say that I feel like it does make my hair go greasy quicker and I'm always a bit worried when using it because I hate washing it. But the serum definitely smells good and leaves my hair healthier looking and less frizzy too.

Also, if I decide to dry my hair after washing it, I always use my Tresemmé Keratin Smooth heat protectant spray. ( I actually didn't take a picture of it for this post because it's packed somewhere in my suitcase and I couldn't find it. - but you can see it here.)

And the last thing I need to mention is my Tangle Teezer because I have to brush my hair a few times a day because it gets tangles all the time and I absolutely hate that! Brushing out my tangles makes me feel happy because I know I won't rip my hair out if I get my fingers stuck in them or so.

And that is really it to be honest. Let me know if you have any good tricks how to keep your hair healthy and pretty because I'd like to try out something really nice! :)



Sunday, 9 August 2015

Short Trip Diary | Opole

A few days ago I came back from my short trip to Opole, where I stayed at my cousin's. There I took some photos to have some summer memories and wanted to share them on my blog.
So let's have a look at those two days full of walking, eating, tanning and shopping! :)

-Old Town in Opole-

-Pizza & Lemonade at PizzaHut-

-Refreshing ourselves in cool water-

-watching the fountain do cool things-

-beach day-

-pretty obsessed with watermelons...-

-drinking amazing iced coffee at "Manekin"-

-pancakes filled with mushrooms, cheese, ham& broccoli, topped with tzatziki. GIVE ME MORE.-

-delicious ice cream on my way back-

Check out my last vlog if you haven't yet. I also only need 3 more subscribers to reach 50! <3



Friday, 7 August 2015

My Favourite Summer Outfits

I've already shared some Summer OOTD previously, but recently I decided to put more outfits into one blog post so that you have a better idea of what I usually wear during summer. I will also link down the latest OOTD because I didn't include them into this post.

- Outfit 1 
- Outfit 2
- Outfit 3

I found this hairstyle creepy but fun at the same time so I did it for some of those photos.
striped shirt - Primark
denim shorts - Forever21
shoes - VANS
nails - Primark
silver rings - Yes & Apart

floral shirt - Zara
white top - H&M
high waisted jeans - Warehouse
shoes - VANS

crop top - River Island
jeans - H&M
shoes - VANS
lipstick - Golden Rose

shirt - Primark
maxi skirt - H&M
shoes - TkMaxx

dress - Troll
shirt - Primark
leather shoes - Lasocki

The new vlog is up HERE now, so make sure to check it out!



Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Days By The Pool | Summer Impressions

Today in the morning Eryk arrived in Edinburgh and I am relieved that he is home and safe. However, we are sad because Eryk got to see a pretty ill-looking Maya and we hope she will get better now that he is with her.

I spent the last two days by the pool because it was incredibly hot and I tanned some more, which is great.
Tomorrow morning I'm off for another small adventure - I'm visiting my cousin and will be staying with her for the next three days, which means that we're gonna have a lot of fun and hopefully not too much money will be spent.

But now, here are some photos I've taken lately! :)

My bikini bottoms are from H&M and they look so nice with tanned skin! Also, the water was ice cold and I basically only sat in it for a while.

I'm currently wearing my fake nails from Primark and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! They were only £1 and I've been wearing them for nearly a week I think. When they fall off I make sure I don't loose them to stick them on again once I can. They are so pretty! I wish I could get more of them and I really hope Vienna's Primarks will help me out!

And of course: Watermelon. I could live eating watermelon only during summer ( probably not but still). It's so refreshing and tasty! And to be honest, I ate most of the box on my own... 

I'm gonna start packing my bag for tomorrow's early departure and call Eryk. Hope you're having a nice day! :)