Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I Ate Today | Breakfast

It's Sunday today and I thought I'd eat something really nice and I wanted to enjoy that moment in peace.
I wanted to show you what I ate throughout the day but we went to a family barbecue and there I just ate many different things that I wouldn't eat on a daily basis, so I decided to do a breakfast part today instead.
Hope you won't be angry with such a kind of post and that you'll still appreciate it.

Today I couldn't really decide what to go for, but by the time I got out of bed, my had already made those buns in the oven so someone had to eat them. I thought of having them with either Philadelphia or Nutella, but in the end I chose Nutella ( as you can see). I also only had one of those because lately I'm eating way too much and I already feel a bit uncomfortable in my body just now.
In Scotland I was only drinking my favourite Twinings earl Grey tea all the time and this morning I also wanted to have one of those cosy mornings but then I saw my Coconut and Chocolate Alpro in the fridge and I knew I had to drink it before it goes bad. By the way, I found that sort of Alpro first at ASDA some months ago, but only a tiny pack and was so sad I couldn't get my hands on such a big one. And now, a few days ago I went to a drugstore with my friend and I saw this and I nearly cried and got it. Even though it is pretty pricey, but I didn't care because I had to get this bit of Scotland.

And to finish off my healthy/unhealthy breakfast, I went for a bowl of vitamins - my favourite fruits.
I took a handful of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and white grapes and also added one slice of watermelon. I think those fruits are so tasty and worth eating instead of sweets and I wish someone would always cut them up for me like this and put them in front of my face so that I could just eat them at any time.

And the first thing at the barbecue I had was my apple pie that I was baking last night. Yesterday I had this hot slice ( straight out of the oven) with some vanilla ice cream and it was just heaven! 
And since the whole pie is all gone obviously, I will go and bake another one now because we definitely didn't have enough of it. If you want to bake it too, here's the recipe for it! It is delicious!

So, I'm off to bake the next pie now and cry about how fat I got over summer and then eat the pie and cry even more, but hey! What's life without cake?



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