Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Days By The Pool | Summer Impressions

Today in the morning Eryk arrived in Edinburgh and I am relieved that he is home and safe. However, we are sad because Eryk got to see a pretty ill-looking Maya and we hope she will get better now that he is with her.

I spent the last two days by the pool because it was incredibly hot and I tanned some more, which is great.
Tomorrow morning I'm off for another small adventure - I'm visiting my cousin and will be staying with her for the next three days, which means that we're gonna have a lot of fun and hopefully not too much money will be spent.

But now, here are some photos I've taken lately! :)

My bikini bottoms are from H&M and they look so nice with tanned skin! Also, the water was ice cold and I basically only sat in it for a while.

I'm currently wearing my fake nails from Primark and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! They were only £1 and I've been wearing them for nearly a week I think. When they fall off I make sure I don't loose them to stick them on again once I can. They are so pretty! I wish I could get more of them and I really hope Vienna's Primarks will help me out!

And of course: Watermelon. I could live eating watermelon only during summer ( probably not but still). It's so refreshing and tasty! And to be honest, I ate most of the box on my own... 

I'm gonna start packing my bag for tomorrow's early departure and call Eryk. Hope you're having a nice day! :)



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