Thursday, 20 August 2015

My OOTD: A Day With My Bestie

This morning me and my best friend Steffi met up in the city centre to get some tasty breakfast at a pretty French cafe called "Le Bol". Once we finally got a place to sit, we ordered ourselves some croissants, baguettes with marmelade and honey and of course - tea. It was tasty and we had an amazing time there just chatting about how our year went and so on.
Afterwards we went for a walk around the city centre, where Steffi showed me an Organic ice cream shop, so of course I got myself a portion. Then she was so kind to take some outfit pictures for my blog and we made our way to a shopping centre and afterwards to another shopping street before we both went home after 3pm!

trench coat - Pimkie
floral blouse - Forever21
black skater skirt - H&M
black tights - Primark
leopard tote bag - FOSSIL
cut out boots - Polish local shop

This photo is so funny and I'm only uploading it because Steffi liked it so much :D But basically, eating ice cream and having long hair is not the best combination in the world.

I've had such a great day and catching up with my friends is just beautiful ( and I only met 2 so far!)! Now I'm just sitting in my bed, relaxing and waiting for Eryk to finish work finally.



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