Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day Out With My Brother | Museum Of Natural History

Yesterday we went to see beautiful butterflies and the ocean's creatures and today we went to the museum to see how our world has developed over the years.
We also considered going to the zoo but it is so hot today that we would have gone crazy there.

The museum was pretty cool and very interesting in general so we spent a few hours there, before having some fries and heading back home in that heat.

Look at that architecture and ceiling! So beautiful and interesting!

That T-Rex was probably today's highlight because it is actually a robot and it moves around and makes weird noises and yeah - basically like a real dinosaur.

Today I was wearing:
white A-line dress - Stradivarius
burgundy satchel - CCC
jelly shoes - CCC

Some more walls and ceilings that look great...

Such cuties, aren't we? Check out Noah's style with those red socks that totally match the rest of his outfit!

Museum of Art History

So, now that we're home, I had to lay down because my legs are falling off.
Hope you all had a nice day and that you enjoyed the few photos I wanted to share with you :)



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