Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pink Parcel - A Girly Thing

Some time ago I decided to try out one of the subscription boxes to have a look at what can possibly be inside and if it is really worth subscribing to a monthly box and to spend money on something that you have no idea of.

Today my Pink Parcel arrived and I even forgot about it and was very excited when the courier handed it in to me. I quickly ran upstairs to open the box and to have a look what the bits inside are.

You can find out more about Pink Parcel here.

As I mentioned in the title, it a very girly thing because it is a box that arrives around the time of your period and I am sure all girls know that this time is not the most amusing one and it is nice to get a little treat to cheer yourself up. -And this box is all about making your period nicer!

So, what was inside this month's box?

This box is filled with cute treats, see yourself below!

There is a bar of caramel dark chocolate and it comes in such a beautiful packaging. I haven't tried it yet but will take it to the airport tomorrow to stay entertained during my journey.
There was also a teapigs tea bag - a chocolate flake tea, again I haven't tried it yet but I definitely will because it sounds very interesting and original.

The rest is more beauty related and I was particularly excited about that part because it gives you the chance to try out many cool things for less money than you would spend buying them separately.

Inside my box I found a PAW PAW moisturising balm and it is a 25g tube, so I am taking it with me tomorrow. It is said to be good for dry lips and dry skin. It is enriched with Manuka Honey and if you are into knowing what is in products, then yeah, here you are. I actually have no idea really, but well.
The cream looks very interesting and I'll be definitely trying it out.

The OPI nail polish is a blue sparkly polish in the shade Get Your Number and I've only tried OPI once and am totally curious about this too.

Then we got a Perfectil trial pack, for skin, nails and hair. I definitely need something like that and I can never decide on what to choose and then I never get anything.
I am happy to try those pills, but then again I am not too sure if only 7 pills will show a change already, because that doesn't always happen really.

And the last thing in my box was a tube of some mini bath bombs that look cute and I guess that you can never go wrong with bath bombs, right?

So, what do you think about the content of this box?
I find it very nice and would love to subscribe to it, to get it monthly and to try out many exciting things.



Monday, 30 March 2015

Packing For Travelling Part 2

I've announced that I will show you a little bit of what I'm going to pack for my stay in Austria and Poland and of course, I won't be there for long so I decided to keep my luggage to the minimum because maybe I want to buy myself something and would prefer to keep some free space for new stuff.

I've packed 2 festive dresses and my denim skirt. To pair with the skirt I picked one blouse and I will try and a crop top. To throw over the dresses I also put my Zara cardigan in. My jeans are still on the radiator but I am planning on wearing them and the chunky white jumper for the journey itself.
I also packed two pairs of tights, some pairs of socks, underwear, all my make-up and jewellery. I still need to pack one pair of flats, my Fossil bag, the sweets for the kids and random bits and bobs that I will need to take but won't pack them yet.

Sorry for the disgusting carpet. I wish we had laminate floors in our room. :(

I really hope that I will manage to pack everything I need and not exceed the 10 kg for this suitcase. I will also take a crossbody bag to fit in the things I will need for the journey and things that I won't be able to pack in the suitcase any more.

Another GREAT thing I wanted to announce is that my Vlogging Camera is back and working!!!!
I am so excited and won't be able to leave the house without it now! I also bought a bigger SD card, for more photos and vidos, so yeah- should be enough for the week I'll be gone.

I also had my Spanish speaking exam today and it went really well, so I don't have to worry about it any more.

Hope you all have a nice time and as excited for Easter as I am!



Sunday, 29 March 2015

Packing for Travelling Part 1

So, Sunday is coming to an end and I have to start revising for my Spanish exam, which is tomorrow.
I will also need to print my tickets and make sure I have everything I need to pack on Tuesday.

To begin with, I chose the liquids bag, because this is always a tricky thing. I am going by plane and since I'm not going to stay for long I decided to have hand luggage only and for this reason I need to make sure I don't exceed the limits to avoid problems.

For this moment I think that those are all the liquid products I'll be taking with me, as I can't thing of anything else just now.

Sorry for the crappy photos but I don't have a camera home just now but still wanted to blog, so I had to use my phone camera.

I've packed my perfume, which is a pretty small size. because it's only 30ml and therefore perfect for travelling. It is also my favourite perfume and I am just addicted to it. It is the Escada Cherry in the air, if you're wondering.

Then I also packed my Dove deodorant, which again I love because of the amazing smell! I am just trying to figure out if I should really take it with me or not, because my mum always has the spray deodorants and we could actually share and I would save space. But I guess that this is something you would usually take on a journey with you.

What I can not imagine leaving at house when going to an airport is hand sanitiser. There are SO many people around and I don't even want to know what I touch there and what's been on there before. So, a hand sanitiser, which also comes in a handy little bottle, is always very useful and always a good idea- trust me! Mine is the Hand Maid from Soap&Glory and I like is especially because it doesn't leave the strong alcohol smell on your skin, but a nice fresh Soap&Glory-like smell!

Since I've packed my Maybelline gel liner I will also need waterproof make-up remover to get rid of it after the day. For this reason I've packed the INGLOT waterproof make-up remover and it is also just a 25ml size, so again-great for travelling!

Make-up wise I stuffed the bag with my Urban Decay Perversion mascara, the Maybelline Lasting Drama eyeliner, my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, a lipstick from AVON and a Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip lacquer. Plus a Barry M nail polish that I think should work well with most outfits. Again, I will probably borrow nail polish from my mum or aunt, because that's what we do.
The last little thing in here is the Benefit Porefessional primer, which is tiny and well, practical, should I or someone else need it.

I guess this is my liquids bag done and not much will change in it.

Tomorrow I will try to quickly show you a bit of what I'll be packing apart from this little bag and on Tuesday I'd like to show you some outfits I want to pack and wear during Easter.

Have a nice evening everyone and keep your fingers crossed for my exam tomorrow. ;)



Saturday, 28 March 2015

♥ 4 Days ♥

I've been pretty busy lately, it seems to me and I don't even really know why.
It's true that I had some College work to do and I still have a lot left that I haven't touched yet.
I've not been out very often because of various reasons and now I'm sitting in bed thinking: In only four days I will see my family again...
This thought got so surreal to me from the time I moved out and tried to start adult life far away from my family. Four days is really a short time and I am asking myself how this reunion will look like.
After not seeing my family for nearly 6 months, I could finally spend Christmas with them and once I got out of the Arrivals at the airport and saw my little brother, waiting for me, I just started crying so much because this feeling was so surreal and so beautiful at once. 
Now, I haven't seen my family in only three months, so I didn't even get to miss them so much yet and it is already time to see them again. Those three last months went past SO quickly, I can't even believe it.
I am asking myself what my reaction will be this time at the airport because last time I just completely didn't expect myself crying that hard!

A couple of days ago I've been looking through my old blog pictures, back when I was still living in Vienna, and I just saved some photos that made me happy and I thought that today I would share some of them again as a little countdown start. (I don't even know why I'm starting the countdown just 4 days before the day, but I was just so busy that I didn't realise that there are only few days left really)

Home, sweet home <3 I can't wait to see this place FINALLY again after 9 months of not being there at all! It was a place that made me feel calm and happy, especially on those sunny days. I would look out of my window and this is what I'd see. I loved it. <3 

This little man, who is my Number 1 in my life, is growing up way too fast and probably the worst thing about being abroad is that I don't see him growing up. I feel like I am a bad sister because he barely ever sees me and I would love to cuddle with him every single day, like we used to. 
I can't wait to see him again! <3

The busy streets of Vienna are also something I miss. Yes, Edinburgh is also a capital with a lot of movement, but trust me, it is something completely different. The cities are so different and each of them is simply beautiful. But, now that I've seen Edinburgh for 9 months straight, I miss the streets I'm used to. I miss going to town by Ubahn and I miss the atmosphere of Vienna. <3

Another little man that I miss and don't get to see at all lately is my cute puppy Orion. I remember the day my family showed him to me on Skype and he was so tiny and cute! Eryk and I decided to call him Orion, since Orion is our favourite star constellation and you can see it from the windows of the place in Poland we always stay at. 
I wish I could have him over here with me, but this is impossible and I have to be happy with seing him like twice a year for some days. <3

I can't believe it's Easter soon, it was just Christmas such a short time ago...
If you want to see what it looked like, click HERE.
And click HERE to watch the latest vlog.



Friday, 27 March 2015

Banana, Chocolate and Semolina Muffins | Baking

Yesterday I felt pretty bored in the evening and I could have studied but I decided to bake something and I went for muffins again. I had a sponge cake mix from Morrisons in the cupboard and thought I'd use it instead of making the dough myself.
So, I prepared the mixture like the back of the pack tells you to and then I chopped up a large banana into tiny pieces and I also used nearly a whole bar of chocolate to crack it into small bits and also added them into the dough. A bit of cinnamon is also a must in my kitchen so this was also part of the recipe. Then I just put the dough into the muffin cases and was baking the muffins for 12 minutes and let them cool down once I took them out of the oven.
I decided to cook some semolina ( and added a bit of honey into it while cooking) and to use it as a topping for the ready muffins.
Then I just sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles on top and all was done!

The muffins were very tasty and Eryk was pretty sceptic first but once he tried one of them, he ate half of them. And so did I....

They looked so cute and were just too tasty to not eat them all straight away!

Today I went to town since it got really sunny and I had quick lunch at Princes Street Gardens, enjoying the sunshine for a bit. Apparently there are now wind warnings again for this weekend and heavy rain is also said to be back. Great.

The vlog is nearly done with converting and once it's up on Youtube I'll add the link below.

Hope you guys all have a nice Friday night and weekend!



Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another Blush... | New In Beauty

Some days ago I had to order a book for my French course and since I think it is useless paying for delivery, I was trying to find something to add to the book order so that I wouldn't need to pay for shipping. So, I found this Sleek Blush and I am in love!
The packaging is so plain, but the matte black colour of it with the glossy writing looks just so pretty in my opinion.
I found that the shade of the blush itself is not so pink like my other ones, what I think is a good thing because now I have something that I didn't have yet.
The shade is called Rose Gold 926 and it is more of a peachy tone I'd say. However, it is really glittery and even on your skin it does stay like glittery. And I was thinking that this would make a great blush for summer when I'm tanned and not so pale any more. It doesn't make such a contrast to the bronzer, like the pink blushers, and I just think this look is very pretty and as I already mentioned -summery.
It is also my first Sleek product and now I guess I will buy more of them...

I will now try and enjoy my Thursday evening, with a nice cup of tea, I will also finish my muffins that just came out of the oven, I'll read the French book again and start writing the essay, I will revise for my Spanish exam and spend some time on the Internet.
Are your plans a bit more exciting ?

PS: Canon sent me a message saying that my camera is being shipped back... Exciting!



Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My OOTD: Sweater and Vans

Since this morning wasn't as warm as the previous ones I decided to go for a pair of jeans and a cosy sweater instead of a sheer dress and some tights.

So, my outfit was plain and pretty comfy and not as girly as the previous entries, but I still really like it.

So, here's me trying to pose with Maya. As you can tell I also had my black jacket with me, and it will be a must item for the next weeks. If you still don't know it- it is from Pimkie.
Since I went to College, I chose my Jack Wills shopper, that actually didn't match the outfit too well, but it is pretty practical.

The white crochet jumper is from H&M and I've been wearing it nearly non-stop this winter,
My jeans are from Warehouse and today I actually thought of getting them kind of tailored to fit my thighs better than they do now. My dad is a pro at such things, so hopefully he could do this over Easter, because that would be really great. They fit my lower legs perfectly, so that's not s problem, really.

And I finally got to wear my neon pink Vans again, and I am so obsessed with them! I love the vibrant colour (which is a proper neon pink in real). They look so beautiful on tanned legs but for that I still have to wait. Still, I like how they look with skinny jeans, so yeah. I just love them.

As I said, a plain, but comfy and practical outfit for a pretty nice spring day.

Another thing I wanted to say is that my Camera arrived in the Canon repair centre in Germany and I also got an email today saying that the job is nearly all done and will be ready for shipping back soon. So I really hope that they managed to fix the problem and that I won't need to pay for the repair process.

Hope you all have a nice evening! :)



Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My OOTD: Flowers and Glitter

This morning was a sunny one again so I new I wouldn't need to wear too many layers again. I went for a pretty spring-y outfit once again and enjoyed the sunshine sitting on a bench at the College Campus before class, without freezing my bum off.

My floral "silky" strappy vest is from Primark and I got it last summer. I am surprised by the quality of the fabric to be honest! I've worn and washed it pretty often so far and it stilll looks like new.
I also wore this silver glittery skater skirt, which is made of a very thin and elastic fabric. It has a thin belt and it also is from Primark. I also have the same skirt but in a burgundy colour. Why? Because they were 1 Euro each, so...
Then again, my black tights, which are also from Primark. ( So much Primark today!)
The cardigan is again from Zara and I've had it for SO many years! I already had it when my brother was born... which was 6 years ago. I have to admit that it still looks like new, well, the colour has maybe faded a tiny bit but apart from that it is still perfect.
On top of everything I wore my black faux leather Pimkie jacket, like the days before and then since it wasn't as warm as the last days, a navy scarf with some tassels and a flower print around the edge that I got from my aunt some years ago.
The necklace is from Dorothy Perkins.

To match my jacket colour, I wore my leather flats from Clarks, that I really like, especially if I pair them with cute dresses.

My eyeliner situation escalated a bit this morning, so I ended up with a pretty dramatic cateye look, but well, it wasn't too bad I guess.

I didn't show the bag because it is covered with my jacket in the first photo, but it was again my blue pin-up Gabs shopper.

Time is flying so fast and in nearly a week I'll be flying to Vienna. I am super excited and can't wait. I want to start packing already but I know that this is a bit pointless yet. 
But then again, I am a bit scared after the Germanwings crash today... I never worry about flying because I know that it is generally safe, but now I just hope that everything will be fine.

Now I'm off to study a bit and to have my hot cup of tea and eat my Ben&Jerry's ice cream. Is this normal?!


Monday, 23 March 2015

My OOTD: Colours And Prints

Today I somehow wanted to wear so many different things and I was just scared that I'd look like a clown wearing all those colours and prints and then I thought that it shouldn't really matter if every piece of your outfit matches the rest. So, I went for this outfit and I just didn't want to wear black shoes, that would match the jacket, but make the outfit even darker. And I don't have a big bag matching that colour of shoes, so... well.

It got pretty warm today and the sun is still out, which is so beautiful and makes me very happy. I will go for a walk with Maya once I'm done with this entry and eating a quick snack.
Still, it is not that warm to leave the house without a jacket and for this reason I went for my faux leather Pimkie jacket, that I'll be wearing pretty often now.
I also wore my flats from Lasocki, that I just love and I would just probably buy all of those kinds of shoes if I could. 
I wore my River Island dress that I got last year in April during my stay in Scotland and it has a quite big cut out on the back but I didn't manage to take a picture of it today- and I also wore the jumper on top so you couldn't even see it anyways.

I really like the print of the dress and I think it is just so cute! The dress itself is an A-shaped one and it is not so easy to move around your arms in it, which is one pretty bad thing about it. Apart from that it is great for sunny, warm days!
To keep myself warm I wore my H&M crochet jumper on top and I also wore my Primark tights, as usual.
 My bag is a shopper from Gabs and you can find the brand here. Mine has a pin-up lady printed on both sides and I am never too sure what to wear it with but I just think it is pretty large and more practical than other bags I have (since I usually only have small bags that are useless for those huge folders I carry around College).
My make-up was the usual again and I also wore my Bourjois Shine lipstick, which is a bright pink shiny colour and I love it but I took it off to eat my panini (or panino, whatever).
I also wore my pink Marks&Spencer sunglasses but I didn't take a picture of them today, however, you can check them out here.

And that was my whole outfit of the day. :)

I am off to grab a snack from downstairs, change my clothes, spend some useless time on the Internet and then I'll go for the walk with Maya as long as the weather is pretty.



Sunday, 22 March 2015

INGLOT vs Maybelline Eyeliner | Comparison

Since I wear eyeliner basically every single day, I can tell that I am happy to use a good liner because if the liner isn't good I just don't do the lines because I would freak out.

So, at the moment I have two liners that I use to line my lower lashes/eyelids, and aprat from that I have several eye crayons but they are rubbish on my upper eyelids since my lids are quite oily and the colour doesn't stay where it should. So there is only the choice between liquid liner or gel liner for me.

And I got the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner, which is a Benefit gel liner dupe, and I am really happy with it.
On the lids it is bery pigmented, it doesn't smudge and since it is waterproof, it is really difficult to take it off. I like the applicator and the consistency because it is not runny but not to hard either. It is easy to work with in my opinion -obviously other girls may not like that type of eyeliner but I actually find it pretty easy to use.

And then I also have the INGLOT liquid liner that I didn't use for some time because I just got so used to the Maybelline gel one, that I was sure the liquid liner with a felt tip would make application so much more difficult to me now.
But, since I hate having make-up and letting it lay around in the corner, I decided that I need to start using this one too, to get used to it.
And I have to say that I've been using it over the last few days and I have to say that I am not a big fan of the very liquidy consistency, and I can somehow not create a "catflick" that easily compared to the tip of the gel liner, but with some excercise, a tiny flick works out.
A thing that can be seen as a positive is that it is easy to take off, since it is not waterproof.
Again, the pigmentation is very good and one layer definitely covers the skin underneath 100%!
I guess it is easier to create very thin lines, because of the pointy felt tip and just to make the lashline look fuller but in a more natural way.

I guess I am really happy to have found a very good gel liner but also a very good liquid liner and I can't really tell which one I like more, I would say that I am happy to have both and to be able to chose for a certain occasion and not to be stuck with one option only.
They both stay on all day long and don't chip off the skin, they don't lose their dark colour, so I would say that they are great.

Also, both of them are on the drugstore side of price, which is another great thing about them!



Saturday, 21 March 2015

5 Things I Like About Spring

Since spring is officially here and you can definitely tell, I thought that it is about time to change my mind from winter to spring too.
You probably already know that I hate winter, because it is just way too cold, too grey and just not good for leaving the house.
However, now that spring's begun I feel a lot more happy and can't wait to welcome the really nice days finally, once again.

Warm Weather
This is probably the most important part about saying bye to winter. It is definitely getting warmer and the sun is shining more often too. It is not so windy any more and the days seem much longer, now that the sun stays up for longer, which makes me very happy!
With warm weather, there is another good reason to like spring.

Less Clothes
I hate wearing jackets and scarves, gloves, whatever, on top of everything. I know that I need to wear them in winter because obviously, I am cold wearing them already, so not having a jacket would be quite suicidal for me I guess. But, now I feel like it is definitely time to stop wearing those fat, heavy winter jackets and to start wearing lighter things. I like layering clothes to stay warm, but I just hate heavy jackets.
Now I'll be able to wear more dresses again, more skirts instead of this one pair of jeans that I have and this one pair of leggings that I have too. I feel like wearing dresses is so much nicer, I prefer it so much to trousers and I don't even know why. This is something that changed from one day to another about two years ago, and now I'm just totally obsessed with dresses and skirts.
Also, shoe-wise there is such a big choice now when it comes to what pair to wear to not freeze your feet off.

Spending Time Outside
Now, I know that I don't have that much time as I always think I do. But still, I love going outside, just leaving the house, which is so boring to me. Go and explore, see things, architecture, exhibitions, clothes... Just leave the house and not coming back for as long as possible is something I love when the weather is pretty. We have a garden, which is basically great because we can actually spread a blanket on the grass and just sit there, even if it's just to read a book or to do something on the laptop, to have a chat and a snack, it is so much nicer than sitting at home in a closed room.

Easter Holidays And My Birthday
Another thing I like about spring is Easter Holidays. I don't know why, since Easter has no religious meaning to my family really, but we just sit together, have the nicest meals, watch movies afterwards and if it is nice and warm during the Easter Holidays it is even better! I always spend this time of the year with my whole family, which is something amazing and now that I don't have my family around all the time, I appreciate those moments even more!
Then, after Easter there is always my Birthday and I am never really happy that it is my Birthday again since I feel like time flies way too fast and I am feeling old because I'm already nearly 19, and I remember when my little brother was born nearly 6 years ago- which is totally crazy and I still can't believe it!
But, I also always spend my Birthdays with my family around and it is also such a nice day always, with a lot of food, cake and just nice, happy people, that mean so much to me.

Getting Ready For Summer
And then I think another great thing about spring is that summer is not that far away any more, and I love summer even more than spring, so this makes me even more excited. Each week seems to get warmer and warmer, with more sunshine and even longer days than before.
The days are filled with first tanning sessions and eating ice cream all the time, but also fruits are finally so much more available and so much nicer in taste.
I always loved the kind of April-July time in Vienna, since it was already really pretty and warm outside so that leaving the house with just a cardigan and bare legs was really possible, I used to tan on the balcony from the first warm days already. It also meant that the school year was coming to an end and that I'm going to have a long break again. This time, my summer holidays won't last that long, but I still can't wait.

Now, what do you like about spring??

Also, go and check THIS out!



Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015

So, today was quite a cool day.
It's officially the first day of spring, which makes me very happy because I hope that from now on the weather will definitely get better.
And since I got up early and found out that today the Solar Eclipse was about to happen. So, instead of going back to bed, I decided to get up and watch it since there was probably nothing more interesting happening during this day.

Well, so I thought that filming as much as possible would actually be a good idea and for this reason I tried to find a nice spot to film and stayed there for nearly the whole eclipse. I also had the Telegraph website on my laptop on, where you could watch the eclipse live, so knew how the sun looked like when it was behind clouds.

After this whole spectacle, I took Maya out for a walk and then started editing the vlog, which took me absolutely ages- about two hours or even more. The programme I'm using was just so slow and it was lagging and so on and I just wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.

So, finally it is all done and live and you can go and watch this week on my channel.
And I can say that this one is a nice one, and at least pretty exciting.

So, I'm going to try and relax for the rest of the evening and go to bed early since tomorrow is again a day full of work and I need to have lots of energy.

Hope you all have a nice weekend! :)



Thursday, 19 March 2015

My OOTD: Spring is here!

I got up to beautiful sunshine outside the window but also coming into our room, through the open window. It was warm and the birds were singing, which makes me feel so happy and so much like being in Poland during summer with all of my family.

Once I got out of bed I decided that today is the day- time for one of my favourite dresses, but since it's more on the spring/ summer side, I didn't manage to wear it over a long time now.

I checked the temperature and in the morning it already said 10 degrees, which made me really happy. The sky was blue and the sun felt good on my skin.

I decided to have a proper breakfast once again, after nearly two weeks of not feeling well at all.
It was a happy morning and it finally felt like spring to me.

After breakfast I went out to take some snaps of my outfit and then I made my way to College, to sit my French prelim ( which took ages!).
My beautiful dress is from New Look and I actually got it last April when I first got to stay in this house for a week. I remember that it was also quite warm already back then since I wasn't always wearing a jacket outside.
The tights are from Primark (120 den), my satchel is from FOSSIL and my leather flats are from Lasocki. (You can't actually see them here, scroll down for more)
On my wrist I also had my Swatch watch, as basically usual.

To stay warm I also had my black Zara cardigan on top of the dress and on my way to College I also wore my faux leather Pimkie jacket.

For my eye make-up I used my INGLOT liquid liner on the upper part of my eyes and underneath my lower lashes I used the INGLOT eye crayon in the minty shade 206, which matches the inner bits of the flowers on my dress.

Hopefully it will get nicer and nicer now and I will be able to do more outfit posts again, since they are my favourite probably.



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Studying French And Reading Camus

So, since I'm doing the Advanced Higher French course at College just now, I'll have assessments coming over the next months until the year is over.
I already had my first exam, the speaking part and tomorrow I'll have a prelim, which is basically a mock exam. However, it could maaaybe be helpful if you get into trouble during the actual exam in May. (From what I've heard.)

I also had to read one book so far, in French obviously, which is "No et moi" by Delphine de Vigan.
It was part of the speaking exam and I also had to write an English essay about it and I also need to write a French one.

Now, I had to get myself another book, which is a French classic, written by the philosopher Camus, that I've learned about at school. This is a more difficult book to read as you can probably tell and we got the choice to read it in either English or French since we have to write an English essay about it and it wouldn't really matter.
However, my teacher told me that the French used in the French book is easy to understand, it's more the thinker point, that would also be an issue with the English version.

At first I even considered reading it in both languages, but then I decided to go for the French version since that's what I'm here for, to learn it properly.
It will also give me some new vocab to pick up and useful phrases too, so I guess I can't go wrong with it really.

So, the book I'm reading now is "L'etranger" by Albert Camus and it will probably take me some days until I'm all done with it and I should finish it by the end of this week/ beginning of the next week.
I guess I'll go and start reading straight away. :)

Are you a bookworm?
Because I actually like reading..



Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My OOTD : Burgundy and Black

Eryk and I had some things to sort out and first we wentt to the airport and then on our way back we went to the Gyle Shopping Centre for a quick walk. I thought Eryk could take some pictures of my outfit, since I somehow felt quite nicely dressed and wanted this outfit to be published on my blog.

First of all, the lipstick. It's the AVON Wine With Everything lipstick, which is a beautiful burgundy, already nearly purple colour. I am in love with it and love wearing it with this hat that I got from Bata back in December when I was in Poland.
I also wore black eyeliner as you can probably tell.

Since finally, it wasn't windy at all (which is VERY rare here in Scotland), I decided to wear the hat and so I had to find a matching outfit.
However, it is cold outside and very foggy and humidy, which is not so much like spring unfortunately.
For this reason I wore my furry coat from H&M again.

My burgundy satchel is from CCC that I got for Christmas from my cousin and it actually matches the hat perfectly! I love this combo so much! It is also bigger than my Fossil satchel and I could carry the bug camera around with us today, stored in the bag. Plus an umbrella, some biscuits, my Tangle Teezer and other bits and bobs.
My boots are from Gold Boot in Poland as well, and I also bought them around Christmas time.

At this time I wasn't wearing the lipstick any more because we went to eat something and I had some fries and a bit of cola. Wow, hopefully I won't be dying this evening again, since I felt a lot better this morning after drinking the most disgusting mixture I got from the GP.

At home I reapplied the lipstick to show you the rest of the outfit, which was hidden underneath the fluffy coat all day long. 
I think this picture is so cute and funny actually. Look at Maya's little tongue! Hahaha! So funny!

Alright, I wore a black dress, which is basically one I used to wear in summer, but it worked out well today with the black Zara cardigan on top. 
The dress is from Forever21 and you can tie it in the back around your waist. It is a very thin fabric and perfect for summer ( maybe the colour is a bit sun attracting but the fabric is great). There are small pockets on the boobies and buttons to button up the cleavage area. It is a pretty classic dress to be honest and I just fell in love with it a second time. 
And of course, since it was cold, I was wearing my Primark 120 den black tights as well.

Above the breast area there is this mesh part in the back and front and then there is a little black collar as well, which looks very cute.

What do you think about this outfit? I really loved wearing it and will definitely do it over and over again!