Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ferret goes to the vet!

As already mentioned before, our ferret girl Maya seemed very weak lately since she stopped eating, which made us worry a lot. I immediately contacted a vet to get some advice and since the cause of her bad mood are hormones, we got an appointment for an injections to bring her hormones back to normal.
So, this morning I prepared Maya for a bit of bus travel and we went to see the vet.
I've ordered a pet carrier some days ago but it only arrived this afternoon, so it was a bit late and we couldn't use it. Instead I've attached her to her leash and wrapped her up in her blanket to keep her warm since the weather today was crazy and it was snowing overnight. The strong winds are back and it is freezing outside.
We got on every bus without any problems, even though Maya was not in a carrier. She was very excited and wanted to smell and see everything on the bus, but I tried to keep her wrapped up in the blanket, what she liked and didn't complain about. She looked like a burrito and it was just too cute. After an hour of travel on two buses, we arrived at the vet centre, where I had to fill in a form and Maya was just so hyper that I couldn't hold her any more. The doctor picked us up after some minutes and checked Maya. It turns out that she is completely healthy and very active, which is a good sign. Then the vet took her to a different room and gave her the Jill jab/ injection. I was happy that I didn't need to see this, because hearing her squeaking was enough for me. They quickly returned and Maya wouldn't sit still and it was just a nightmare to hold her and put her back on the leash, but eventually we managed to. After that the vet was explaining some more and then we left. Outside the vet centre I let her run around a bit before we went to the next bus. On the bus she only wanted to explore and I let her run around on the seat next to the window and she put her front paws on the window and watched the outside as the bus was driving. After some time we had to get off and get another bus and Maya was patiently waiting in the blanket, since it was very windy and ice cold. On the bus she actually fell asleep on my lap all wrapped up and it was just so cute that I didn't even want to get off. But we still did and I put her back into her cage at home and went to college.
Once I came back she was asleep and I quickly woke her up to feed her a bit.
Now she is very active and runs around the room so she seems to be happy and better than before.

I am glad we acted quick and got everything sorted already because I will be more calm about the whole situation now.

Hope this was useful to some people and that you won't be too angry about another ferret post. ;)



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