Saturday, 21 March 2015

5 Things I Like About Spring

Since spring is officially here and you can definitely tell, I thought that it is about time to change my mind from winter to spring too.
You probably already know that I hate winter, because it is just way too cold, too grey and just not good for leaving the house.
However, now that spring's begun I feel a lot more happy and can't wait to welcome the really nice days finally, once again.

Warm Weather
This is probably the most important part about saying bye to winter. It is definitely getting warmer and the sun is shining more often too. It is not so windy any more and the days seem much longer, now that the sun stays up for longer, which makes me very happy!
With warm weather, there is another good reason to like spring.

Less Clothes
I hate wearing jackets and scarves, gloves, whatever, on top of everything. I know that I need to wear them in winter because obviously, I am cold wearing them already, so not having a jacket would be quite suicidal for me I guess. But, now I feel like it is definitely time to stop wearing those fat, heavy winter jackets and to start wearing lighter things. I like layering clothes to stay warm, but I just hate heavy jackets.
Now I'll be able to wear more dresses again, more skirts instead of this one pair of jeans that I have and this one pair of leggings that I have too. I feel like wearing dresses is so much nicer, I prefer it so much to trousers and I don't even know why. This is something that changed from one day to another about two years ago, and now I'm just totally obsessed with dresses and skirts.
Also, shoe-wise there is such a big choice now when it comes to what pair to wear to not freeze your feet off.

Spending Time Outside
Now, I know that I don't have that much time as I always think I do. But still, I love going outside, just leaving the house, which is so boring to me. Go and explore, see things, architecture, exhibitions, clothes... Just leave the house and not coming back for as long as possible is something I love when the weather is pretty. We have a garden, which is basically great because we can actually spread a blanket on the grass and just sit there, even if it's just to read a book or to do something on the laptop, to have a chat and a snack, it is so much nicer than sitting at home in a closed room.

Easter Holidays And My Birthday
Another thing I like about spring is Easter Holidays. I don't know why, since Easter has no religious meaning to my family really, but we just sit together, have the nicest meals, watch movies afterwards and if it is nice and warm during the Easter Holidays it is even better! I always spend this time of the year with my whole family, which is something amazing and now that I don't have my family around all the time, I appreciate those moments even more!
Then, after Easter there is always my Birthday and I am never really happy that it is my Birthday again since I feel like time flies way too fast and I am feeling old because I'm already nearly 19, and I remember when my little brother was born nearly 6 years ago- which is totally crazy and I still can't believe it!
But, I also always spend my Birthdays with my family around and it is also such a nice day always, with a lot of food, cake and just nice, happy people, that mean so much to me.

Getting Ready For Summer
And then I think another great thing about spring is that summer is not that far away any more, and I love summer even more than spring, so this makes me even more excited. Each week seems to get warmer and warmer, with more sunshine and even longer days than before.
The days are filled with first tanning sessions and eating ice cream all the time, but also fruits are finally so much more available and so much nicer in taste.
I always loved the kind of April-July time in Vienna, since it was already really pretty and warm outside so that leaving the house with just a cardigan and bare legs was really possible, I used to tan on the balcony from the first warm days already. It also meant that the school year was coming to an end and that I'm going to have a long break again. This time, my summer holidays won't last that long, but I still can't wait.

Now, what do you like about spring??

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