Saturday, 28 March 2015

♥ 4 Days ♥

I've been pretty busy lately, it seems to me and I don't even really know why.
It's true that I had some College work to do and I still have a lot left that I haven't touched yet.
I've not been out very often because of various reasons and now I'm sitting in bed thinking: In only four days I will see my family again...
This thought got so surreal to me from the time I moved out and tried to start adult life far away from my family. Four days is really a short time and I am asking myself how this reunion will look like.
After not seeing my family for nearly 6 months, I could finally spend Christmas with them and once I got out of the Arrivals at the airport and saw my little brother, waiting for me, I just started crying so much because this feeling was so surreal and so beautiful at once. 
Now, I haven't seen my family in only three months, so I didn't even get to miss them so much yet and it is already time to see them again. Those three last months went past SO quickly, I can't even believe it.
I am asking myself what my reaction will be this time at the airport because last time I just completely didn't expect myself crying that hard!

A couple of days ago I've been looking through my old blog pictures, back when I was still living in Vienna, and I just saved some photos that made me happy and I thought that today I would share some of them again as a little countdown start. (I don't even know why I'm starting the countdown just 4 days before the day, but I was just so busy that I didn't realise that there are only few days left really)

Home, sweet home <3 I can't wait to see this place FINALLY again after 9 months of not being there at all! It was a place that made me feel calm and happy, especially on those sunny days. I would look out of my window and this is what I'd see. I loved it. <3 

This little man, who is my Number 1 in my life, is growing up way too fast and probably the worst thing about being abroad is that I don't see him growing up. I feel like I am a bad sister because he barely ever sees me and I would love to cuddle with him every single day, like we used to. 
I can't wait to see him again! <3

The busy streets of Vienna are also something I miss. Yes, Edinburgh is also a capital with a lot of movement, but trust me, it is something completely different. The cities are so different and each of them is simply beautiful. But, now that I've seen Edinburgh for 9 months straight, I miss the streets I'm used to. I miss going to town by Ubahn and I miss the atmosphere of Vienna. <3

Another little man that I miss and don't get to see at all lately is my cute puppy Orion. I remember the day my family showed him to me on Skype and he was so tiny and cute! Eryk and I decided to call him Orion, since Orion is our favourite star constellation and you can see it from the windows of the place in Poland we always stay at. 
I wish I could have him over here with me, but this is impossible and I have to be happy with seing him like twice a year for some days. <3

I can't believe it's Easter soon, it was just Christmas such a short time ago...
If you want to see what it looked like, click HERE.
And click HERE to watch the latest vlog.



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