Friday, 27 March 2015

Banana, Chocolate and Semolina Muffins | Baking

Yesterday I felt pretty bored in the evening and I could have studied but I decided to bake something and I went for muffins again. I had a sponge cake mix from Morrisons in the cupboard and thought I'd use it instead of making the dough myself.
So, I prepared the mixture like the back of the pack tells you to and then I chopped up a large banana into tiny pieces and I also used nearly a whole bar of chocolate to crack it into small bits and also added them into the dough. A bit of cinnamon is also a must in my kitchen so this was also part of the recipe. Then I just put the dough into the muffin cases and was baking the muffins for 12 minutes and let them cool down once I took them out of the oven.
I decided to cook some semolina ( and added a bit of honey into it while cooking) and to use it as a topping for the ready muffins.
Then I just sprinkled some chocolate sprinkles on top and all was done!

The muffins were very tasty and Eryk was pretty sceptic first but once he tried one of them, he ate half of them. And so did I....

They looked so cute and were just too tasty to not eat them all straight away!

Today I went to town since it got really sunny and I had quick lunch at Princes Street Gardens, enjoying the sunshine for a bit. Apparently there are now wind warnings again for this weekend and heavy rain is also said to be back. Great.

The vlog is nearly done with converting and once it's up on Youtube I'll add the link below.

Hope you guys all have a nice Friday night and weekend!




  1. The semolina looks like glitter! so cooool :D

  2. you look so happy in your vlog

    1. Should I not be happy? I felt pretty happy this week.

    2. I'm not saying you shouldn't be happy! but this week you just looked especially happy :) not in a bad way, you should be extremely happy all the time :)

    3. Alright, thank you then! :)