Sunday, 29 March 2015

Packing for Travelling Part 1

So, Sunday is coming to an end and I have to start revising for my Spanish exam, which is tomorrow.
I will also need to print my tickets and make sure I have everything I need to pack on Tuesday.

To begin with, I chose the liquids bag, because this is always a tricky thing. I am going by plane and since I'm not going to stay for long I decided to have hand luggage only and for this reason I need to make sure I don't exceed the limits to avoid problems.

For this moment I think that those are all the liquid products I'll be taking with me, as I can't thing of anything else just now.

Sorry for the crappy photos but I don't have a camera home just now but still wanted to blog, so I had to use my phone camera.

I've packed my perfume, which is a pretty small size. because it's only 30ml and therefore perfect for travelling. It is also my favourite perfume and I am just addicted to it. It is the Escada Cherry in the air, if you're wondering.

Then I also packed my Dove deodorant, which again I love because of the amazing smell! I am just trying to figure out if I should really take it with me or not, because my mum always has the spray deodorants and we could actually share and I would save space. But I guess that this is something you would usually take on a journey with you.

What I can not imagine leaving at house when going to an airport is hand sanitiser. There are SO many people around and I don't even want to know what I touch there and what's been on there before. So, a hand sanitiser, which also comes in a handy little bottle, is always very useful and always a good idea- trust me! Mine is the Hand Maid from Soap&Glory and I like is especially because it doesn't leave the strong alcohol smell on your skin, but a nice fresh Soap&Glory-like smell!

Since I've packed my Maybelline gel liner I will also need waterproof make-up remover to get rid of it after the day. For this reason I've packed the INGLOT waterproof make-up remover and it is also just a 25ml size, so again-great for travelling!

Make-up wise I stuffed the bag with my Urban Decay Perversion mascara, the Maybelline Lasting Drama eyeliner, my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, a lipstick from AVON and a Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip lacquer. Plus a Barry M nail polish that I think should work well with most outfits. Again, I will probably borrow nail polish from my mum or aunt, because that's what we do.
The last little thing in here is the Benefit Porefessional primer, which is tiny and well, practical, should I or someone else need it.

I guess this is my liquids bag done and not much will change in it.

Tomorrow I will try to quickly show you a bit of what I'll be packing apart from this little bag and on Tuesday I'd like to show you some outfits I want to pack and wear during Easter.

Have a nice evening everyone and keep your fingers crossed for my exam tomorrow. ;)



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