Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Today's Make-Up And Statement Necklace

I got up at seven in the morning, because the sunshine came in through the windows and I felt immediately happy. Yesterday it was still snowing and today it was very warm, the sun was out and it felt like spring. But I've heard that before the weekend the weather is going to get worse again.

I thought I'd do the usual make-up, which means eyeliner, mascara, and some matte lipstick on top of the "base".

My spots are also visible after the whole day, but I definitely won't redo my make-up just now.

For the eyeliner I again used my waterproof liner from Maybelline, which I really like. On my lips I used the Bourjois matte lipstick, I've spoken about a lot, also in my previous make-up post. It lasted for so many hours and I've eaten and drunk and it didn't come off yet!

I decided to wear a skirt once again- and chose my midi denim skirt. I paired it with my white crochet jumper and this coral statement necklace I got some time ago.
I also wore my black studded boots with the outfit and my Jack Wills shopper bag.




  1. So pretty.
    Where do I get the Bourjois matte lipstick, or is there any other matte lipstick you would recommend? xoxo

    1. You can get the range at Boots, Superdrug and online, I am not sure about other countries than the UK.
      I am not sure either if this shade is still available or if it was a limited edition. But they have a whole range of those lipsticks and there are similar shades included!