Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hard Day And DIY Burgers

I went to work being in a very bad mood since Maya got very weak over the last few days and kind of stopped eating too. We are worried and are trying to take her to the vet as soon as possible to get some professional help.
At work I bought her some chicken food for babies and brought it home during my lunch break. We started feeding her and it seemed like she loves it and she nearly ate one of the small jars, which is great. We will feed her every four hours if possible and hope she'll get stronger again with time.
She needs an injection because She's in heat and needs to get out of it and we hope that it won't be too late to help her. I just want to stay with her all the time now to ensure she's fine, but I have to go to college anyways...
I came home from work just less than an hour ago and we decided to prepare some burgers for dinner. 

I got normal buns from Warburtons, some cheese, frozen chicken burgers, lettuce, tomatoes, a burger sauce and that's everything we've used to create dinner. I also added some ketchup to my burgers.
They were delicious but after two I am completely full and will lay down with Maya for a while. I am also so tired after work that I can barely walk, and I have quite a lot of College work to do too..

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  1. aw these burgers sound so nice!! and filling too! id love it if youd comment back xx