Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chicken Breast in Cornflakes, Chilli Sauce and Rice | Recipe

After College I came home but soon realised that I could maybe finally cook something again. I checked some recipes online but couldn't really find much. So, I decided to cook something I've already kind of done and went to the shop to buy all the ingredients.

I really like rice, but Eryk prefers potatoes... I still got some rice because I just think this meal is so much nicer this way.


-3 chicken breasts
-1 bag of rice
-1 pack of Chilli flavoured soft cheese
-1 egg


1) So the first thing you want to do is cook the rice. Also, prepare a pan with a bit of oil in it.
2) Once the rice is in the pot, take an egg and crack it open, put it into a deep plate or a bowl and mix it. Take another bowl and smash the cornflakes in smaller bits there.
3) Cut the chicken breasts in flat strips. Then, dip them into the egg first and then cover the pieces with cornflakes.
4) Put the covered pieces in the pan and cook until the meat is ready to eat.
5) Once the rice is done, get rid of the water excess and put it on a plate.
6) Once the meat strips are all golden, put them aside and melt the soft cheese in the pan ( I cleaned the pan before doing this).
7) Add the "sauce" to the rice and place the chicken strips on top.
8) All done and ready to eat!




  1. 'but Eryk prefers potatoes...' I burst out with laughter at that one haha