Friday, 6 March 2015

Ferret Goes To A Photo Shoot

Hello there!

Today is my day off and honestly, it is already past five, so the day will be over soon and I have to get up for work tomorrow morning...

Quite a long time ago we got asked if we want to bring Maya over for a little photo shoot at College and I thought, sure, why not?

So, today was the day and Maya and I made our way to College, which was very awkward because everyone was looking at us whispering "Look, it's a ferret!" and I just tried to ignore the comments because I somehow had to laugh so much.

Once we got there, my friend Chelsi picked me up and brought us to the studio, which was so cool and looked so professional. Her friend, who was taking the pictures, also arrived and then also others who were also shooting photos in the studio.
We kind of quickly started with the shoot and at first it was quite easy to make Maya stay calm, but with time she started running around and also running away and we were trying to catch her for longer than we were shooting really. I think she just got too scared because of the bright flash light and she also probably got bored because she preferred exploring the studio. She had her lama, blanket and a piece of an apple to play with and it worked for a while but after an hour we decided that we should stop because we are definitely not getting any more pictures.
So, we got our things and Chelsi also gave us a lift home, which was GREAT because I didn't have to wait with Maya in the pet carrier in the terrible wind for ages to get a bus.

At home I put Maya back into her cage and she got calm and fell asleep, so that I quickly ate something and started editing the vlog which is here! I wanted to film a bit at the shoot but since Maya kept running away we had to chase her and there was no time to film.

 I already got a picture sent to me and it looks so cute but I am just not too sure if I can use it here.
So, I'll just add a different picture of the very sleepy Maya. :)

I hope you all have a nice weekend! :)




  1. I miss your OOTDs :(

    1. Aww, me too actually.I am just waiting for the weather to get better because currently I am wearing the same things over and over again. :/