Monday, 30 March 2015

Packing For Travelling Part 2

I've announced that I will show you a little bit of what I'm going to pack for my stay in Austria and Poland and of course, I won't be there for long so I decided to keep my luggage to the minimum because maybe I want to buy myself something and would prefer to keep some free space for new stuff.

I've packed 2 festive dresses and my denim skirt. To pair with the skirt I picked one blouse and I will try and a crop top. To throw over the dresses I also put my Zara cardigan in. My jeans are still on the radiator but I am planning on wearing them and the chunky white jumper for the journey itself.
I also packed two pairs of tights, some pairs of socks, underwear, all my make-up and jewellery. I still need to pack one pair of flats, my Fossil bag, the sweets for the kids and random bits and bobs that I will need to take but won't pack them yet.

Sorry for the disgusting carpet. I wish we had laminate floors in our room. :(

I really hope that I will manage to pack everything I need and not exceed the 10 kg for this suitcase. I will also take a crossbody bag to fit in the things I will need for the journey and things that I won't be able to pack in the suitcase any more.

Another GREAT thing I wanted to announce is that my Vlogging Camera is back and working!!!!
I am so excited and won't be able to leave the house without it now! I also bought a bigger SD card, for more photos and vidos, so yeah- should be enough for the week I'll be gone.

I also had my Spanish speaking exam today and it went really well, so I don't have to worry about it any more.

Hope you all have a nice time and as excited for Easter as I am!



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