Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring Nail Polish | Beauty

Since the weather is really getting nice recently, with more sunny and warm days and flowers starting to show up everywhere, I feel like spring is finally coming!
The temperature stays at around 10 degrees and I really hope that it will rise a bit more soon and that the terrible wind will go by too.

For this reason I felt like showing you the nail polishes I'll be wearing throughout this spring, since I really like the fresh, but delicate colours. Most of them are pastels and I think they are great for spring!

I didn't want to go crazy and chose all the shades from my little collection and tried to show about 5- so we have six.

At first I would like to mention the Ciate paint pot in the shade PP102 DOLLS HOUSE. It is a nude, shiny nail polish, with teeny tiny sparkly bits in it. It is kind of translucent but it does give you a very light pink shade. I think this is great for girls who prefer to keep their nails simple, but to actually have some detail on them.

Next, the Barry M nail paint in the shade 357 Ballerina. It is a very pretty baby pink/ dusty pink pastel shade that I absolutely love wearing. It is so similar to the wall paint I used to have in my room in Vienna! It only needs two coats to cover the nails completely and this is actually pretty good for light nail polish shades. I've been wearing this shade already in autumn and winter quite often and I even got compliments regarding it! Barry M polishes also stay on for a fairly long time without chipping off, so I guess for about three to four pounds, they are great!

Another shade I used to wear a lot already last year when my mum got it. It's the Essie nail lacquer in 94 Lapiz of Luxury. I really like this light blue / cobalt blue shade but the problem with it is that you need to use three coats to make sure your nails don't look blue because you're freezing, but because of the nail polish. This is the only thing I don't like about it, but then again it dries pretty quickly, so it's not that a drama. Also, the Essie polishes stay on for quite a long time and even though they are pricey, I guess they are worth their price.

When I was in Poland last Christmas, I got myself a set of four Sally Hansen nail polishes with this light pistachio shade, a terracotta one, a dusty purple and a cream one. I still decided to show this colour because I thought that it actually is the one that is most pretty for spring. It is a very delicate shade and I haven't used it yet but after using the purple one, I have to say that this nail polish will also need to be applied more than twice until it covers the nails. 
I guess Sally Hansen polishes are pricey and another thing I realised is that they are very watery compared to other brands, but they do have a great wide brush, which makes applying the polish very easy.

Next I chose another green shade, but this time a vibrant one. It is quite difficult to describe it, but it is great! I loved wearing it in summer when I was tanned because of the contrast, but it will also be great for sunny spring days. It is from KIKO and I got it two years ago during my Cambridge exam, actually during the break. It is in the shade 343 and I really have to say that I didn't manage to get more KIKO polishes and here in Edinburgh I don't think that I can get them anywhere. I can really say that they are great when it comes to coverage and they are also pretty inexpensive, which makes the thing even better! This shade is also great for the reason that it only needs one coat to cover your nails!

And the last nail polish for today is again an Essie one, that again me and my mum got together before last summer when we went to the drug store together. It is a beautiful light purple shade in 102 Play Date and it also needs about two or three coats to cover nicely, but it is very pretty and perfect for spring and summer!

I hope that it will get warmer soon and that I'll be able to dress up nicely and to add more details to my outfits.



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