Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My OOTD : Burgundy and Black

Eryk and I had some things to sort out and first we wentt to the airport and then on our way back we went to the Gyle Shopping Centre for a quick walk. I thought Eryk could take some pictures of my outfit, since I somehow felt quite nicely dressed and wanted this outfit to be published on my blog.

First of all, the lipstick. It's the AVON Wine With Everything lipstick, which is a beautiful burgundy, already nearly purple colour. I am in love with it and love wearing it with this hat that I got from Bata back in December when I was in Poland.
I also wore black eyeliner as you can probably tell.

Since finally, it wasn't windy at all (which is VERY rare here in Scotland), I decided to wear the hat and so I had to find a matching outfit.
However, it is cold outside and very foggy and humidy, which is not so much like spring unfortunately.
For this reason I wore my furry coat from H&M again.

My burgundy satchel is from CCC that I got for Christmas from my cousin and it actually matches the hat perfectly! I love this combo so much! It is also bigger than my Fossil satchel and I could carry the bug camera around with us today, stored in the bag. Plus an umbrella, some biscuits, my Tangle Teezer and other bits and bobs.
My boots are from Gold Boot in Poland as well, and I also bought them around Christmas time.

At this time I wasn't wearing the lipstick any more because we went to eat something and I had some fries and a bit of cola. Wow, hopefully I won't be dying this evening again, since I felt a lot better this morning after drinking the most disgusting mixture I got from the GP.

At home I reapplied the lipstick to show you the rest of the outfit, which was hidden underneath the fluffy coat all day long. 
I think this picture is so cute and funny actually. Look at Maya's little tongue! Hahaha! So funny!

Alright, I wore a black dress, which is basically one I used to wear in summer, but it worked out well today with the black Zara cardigan on top. 
The dress is from Forever21 and you can tie it in the back around your waist. It is a very thin fabric and perfect for summer ( maybe the colour is a bit sun attracting but the fabric is great). There are small pockets on the boobies and buttons to button up the cleavage area. It is a pretty classic dress to be honest and I just fell in love with it a second time. 
And of course, since it was cold, I was wearing my Primark 120 den black tights as well.

Above the breast area there is this mesh part in the back and front and then there is a little black collar as well, which looks very cute.

What do you think about this outfit? I really loved wearing it and will definitely do it over and over again!



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